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Amrita Verma

on 29 May 2014

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good or bad ?
By: Danial, Sid, Simran, Saksham, and Amrita
The Pneumatic Systems are much safer than other types of systems. They are able to work on flammable environments, without triggering a fire and won't overheat when overloaded, making the system exceptionally reliable and efficient...
Introduction to Pneumatic Systems!
Pneumatic Systems are systems
that use compressed air or gases to conduct tasks. We may not realize, but we use Pneumatic Systems in our everyday lives; such as when we pump our basketballs, or when we blow dry our hair.
You are even using pneumatic systems, right this second, BREATHING!
Main Pneumatic Parts
Pneumatic parts can be divided into 2 sections:
1. Parts that produce and transport compressed air
-Compressor: Converts Mech. Energy from motors into compressed air
-Filter: Cleans dirt and filth from the pressurized air
-Lubricator: Provides oil/grease to the different parts
-Pressure Regulator: To steady the pressure of the air and regulates the actions of the system
2. Parts that take in compressed air
-Single and Double- Acting Cylinders allow compressed air to flow through.

The Pneumatic parts are not expensive. The cost to repair this system is lower then the cost to repair other systems.
Durability and Reliability
Pneumatic System parts are long lasting and can't be damaged fast. If you compare the Electromotive System parts to the Pneumatic parts, the Pneumatic parts will last longer and they are more reliable.
- Used a lot in the society, especially in industrial places for the automatic machines (Basically the automated production lines)
-Infinite availability of the source
-Safe and Clean
-The transfer of power and the speed is very easy to set up
-It leaks and condenses easily
-Could cause noise pollution
-Requires installation of
air-producing equipment
Safety Rules
Pneumatic Systems may sound safe, but there are still some rules you have to follow when using the system:
1. Never spray compressed air on anybody (Could cause damage to body parts)
2. If the systems leaks, immediately turn it off.
3. If you are using a large machine, stay clear of the parts. You could get serious injuries, if you get hit by large parts of the system.

Examples of Pneumatics Systems
Some examples of pneumatics are:
- Inflatable Structure- Bouncy Castles, Hot Air Balloons
- Air Brakes
- Car/Cycle Pump
- Respiratory System

Pascal's (who is a well-known mathematecian) Law states that when pressure is applied to a fluid, it causes a force to be exerted equally in all directions.
By: Simran, Saksham, Danial, Amrita, and Sid 8-4
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