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Dr. Lisa Leit

on 8 May 2018

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Transcript of HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Coaching

Gently Provide Empowering Support

HWH Coaching is based on three basic principles:

1. Non-evaluative (we don't judge people)

2. Non-directive (we don't tell individuals what to do or how to do it...we empower them to retain ownership of their process and make all final decisions about what
works best for them, their relationships, and their lives)

3. Sensitivity to people’s emotional investments and vulnerability in their process of self-improvement
Our HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN objective is to help clients relax and move forward in their lives toward mental, physical, and relational health in ways that support their optimal potential as Happy Whole Humans.
We do not judge the people we are working with, nor do we pretend that we have all the answers. Instead, we teach individuals tools and strategies for finding answers.
Diagnosis vs.Evaluation

Evaluation denotes a process of observing people or things and ranking them. Diagnosis involves observation, but it results in suggesting a course of action that leads to improvement rather than pronouncing a judgment that merely assigns status.
Our aim is to help you to become stronger, more confident, and more prepared to meet the challenges of your lives rather than to improve any one situation. The coach may make recommendations for what the goals of the session will be, but you will make the final decision.

We empower and educate clients so that they increasingly trust and free themselves from limiting contexts, patterns of thought, and behaviors.
It can feel very vulnerable to reach out for help and support. Every person and situation is unique. HWH coaches stay curious, flexible, and creative.

We hope that by keeping these basic goals in mind, we will be able to adapt to your own comfort levels, style, and situation.
The Three Principles of HWH Collaborative Facilitation
are adapted with permission from principles for writing center consultations from our
friends at the UT Austin Undergraduate Writing Center (where HWH Founder Dr. Lisa Leit worked as Coordinator supervising and teaching writing consultants) who have thought long and hard about the most empowering way to work with people and have demonstrated resounding success with these principles for over 20 years.
HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® Certified Coaches provide collaborative support, feedback and tools to empower clients to connect to their core competencies, overcome obstacles, and live life increasingly as Happy Whole Humans.

Our coaches provide callers with more immediate assistance and access to tools and techniques to meet the day-to-day challenges in their lives and relationships with more awareness and compassion.
Our main goal is to provide you with unconditional acceptance and support; we invite you to safely connect with us…and perhaps with yourself in a new way.

From that place, we can intuitively assess what types of questions, resources, and/or tools are most likely to be effective and provide targeted efficient assistance in empowering clients.

The more we connect, really connect, to others in a spirit of presence, acceptance, and compassion, the more we will notice that, without much effort, there is a shift.

And then Voilà!… It is happening.
Although the coach acts as the expert during a session, you are always be the one in control of what ultimately gets discussed and decided upon.

In order to successfully collaborate with you without giving advice, we work to strengthen and preserve your autonomy and confidence. We hope that this will help you have an easier time practicing the strategies learned during a session on your own.
Why Don’t We Tell People What to Do or How to Do It?

Since our goal is to empower, we do not tell individuals what to do or how to do it.

We do, however, discuss what is happening in your life with you and provide support such as helping you to come to clarity through brainstorming, teaching you tools, and leading you through exercises.

We also provide resources and referrals as appropriate. HWH coaches discuss any issues people bring us: professional, personal and relational. When a licensed professional is needed or appropriate for the circumstance, we refer individuals immediately to the most appropriate offerings (please see Mental Health resources at the bottom of the www.happywholehuman.com website).
We work to help clients find their own answers, doing our best not to assume that we know what is best for anyone else or to give advice.

HWH coaches take a holistic approach with the assumption that everything is related–and that relaxation is key to mental, physical, and relational health. When we have trouble relaxing due to ongoing stressful lifestyles, limiting belief patterns, and “stuck” energy resulting from accumulated stress and trauma, our systems are less likely to function optimally.

This can systemically affect many key functions such as sleep processes, emotion management, immunity, and digestion. Compromised system functioning may negatively impact job performance, memory, emotional state, and relationship dynamics.
Our intuitively-gifted coaches come from a variety of backgrounds and are well trained to help clients connect to their true selves, reclaim control over their lives, and move forward in ways that work for all. HWH guides are dedicated to their own pursuit of mindfulness and respect of self and others.
HWH guides are dedicated to their own pursuit of mindfulness and respect of self and others.
HWH coaches are trained to coach individuals through any stressful circumstance, answer questions about the program, and discuss the HWH approach, curriculum, and methods.
Ready to meet our coaches?
We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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