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Safe & Secure at Tulane

Parent Orientation 2013

Rachel Champagne

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Safe & Secure at Tulane

Hazardous Materials Release


Medical Emergency Other Emergencies Flooding


Fires http://tulane.edu/emergency/preparedness/ Common Campus Crimes Theft / Burglaries The five most stolen items are:

Wallets/Purses Services Safe Walk Safety Escort
Self Defense For Females
Welfare Checks
Student Patrol
Emergency Call boxes
Silent Witness Program
Saferide Hurricanes & Emergency Preparedness Art Kirkland
Director of Emergency Management Hurricane Planning Tulane Hurricane Guide for Students

SOUTHEAST Louisiana Citizen Awareness & Disaster Evacuation Guide


For air travel, purchase and print your ticket PRIOR to arrival at the airport

Tulane Police airport shuttles

Rail and bus options will be extremely limited
The City of New Orleans will control those assets Frequently Asked Questions Off Campus Patrol Boundaries Carrollton – Fontainebleau – Jefferson – St. Charles Ave. Crime/Emergency Communications TUPD Crime Report
http://tulane.edu/publicsafety/crimelog. cfm About us:
Tulane University Police Department is responsible for enforcing all state statutes,
City of New Orleans municipal ordinances, and campus parking and traffic regulations.

We are located on the north side of campus in the Diboll Complex

Open 24 hours a day
7 days a week Relationships Alcohol On Campus Louisiana State law forbids the possession, sale, use or consumption of alcoholic beverages by anyone under the age of 21.

In the Fall 2011/Spring 2012 Tulane Police responded to 216 alcohol offenses.

All violations of the alcohol policies are referred to the Office of Student Conduct for disposition. Tulane has a ZERO TOLERANCE for drugs on campus.

Students caught with
Marijuana will be issued a summons to appear in Municipal Court. Parking On Campus

Parking on campus is by permit only.
Freshmen living on campus are not allowed to purchase a parking permit.
Exceptions have been granted to students who have been able to show cause.
Parking on neighborhood streets is enforced by the City of New Orleans. Hurricane Preparedness Living with the threat of a hurricane is part of living on the Gulf Coast.
Tulane has emergency plans in place that may call for campus closure & evacuation.
It is important that your student has a personal evacuation plan – be prepared.
No students will be allowed to remain on campus if an evacuation is ordered. Emergency Communications Family Communication Plan

Emergency Alert System - voicemails, emails & text messages

Tulane Emergency Website: http://emergency.tulane.edu

Tulane Alert Line:
504-862-8080 or
877-862-8080 Contact Information
Jack LeBlanc
Deputy Chief

Art Kirkland
Director Emergency Response
bkirlan@tulane.edu Safe and Secure at Tulane
Emergency Response Parent Orientation 2013
Parent Guide pgs. 32-34 Police Presence 45 commissioned police officers
Officers are Commissioned by the State of Louisiana
Officers are Armed and have full arrest powers
14 support personnel
Admiral Security
4 off duty NOPD officers 7 days a week to provide additional patrols off campus Mission Enforce LA Law / Tulane University Policy
Emergency Response
Preventive Patrol
Provide Education How to Contact Us Emergency
Safety Escort
Off Campus
911 Tulane Police Department Website Pedestrian Safety Corridors Clery Crime Statistics Reported Crimes from 2009 to 2010 is down 39%
Reported Crimes from 2008 to 2010 is down 53% Crime Alerts Emergency Text Loyola BOLO Alerts http://www.loyno.edu/police/bolos.php
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