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EO M303.05 - Supervise Cadets

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Zoë Tieu

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of EO M303.05 - Supervise Cadets

FSgt Mak, J / January 09, 2014 / 60 Mins
Main Teaching Points:
1. Explain the Purposes of Supervision
2. Explain How to Supervise
MTP 2:
Explain How to Supervise
MTP 1:
Explain the Purposes of Supervision
Supervision Requirements at 135
EO M303.05 - Supervise Cadets
IN YOUR OWN OPINION, what do you think the responsibilities of an effective supervisor are?**
1. Provide Protection
Supervision ensures the safety and well-being of personnel
2. Provide Support
Supervision ensures that all members of the team are assisted, provided for and encouraged
3. Provide Quality Assurance
Supervision ensures that the result of a task will meet or exceed expectations
if cadets aren't practicing intrapersonal management, interpersonal management, teamwork and effective communication, there must be an active supervisor
intrapersonal - individual
interpersonal - between people
eg. self assessments, tests, activities.... PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING!
1. What are the purposes of supervision?
2. When there should be a supervisor?
As team leaders, you will be expeted to supervise others
When supervising, it must last for the entire task,,
Although each situation where supervision is required is different, there are some basic things required of a supervisor:
1. Ensuring Safety
access the environment around you
Are there any hazards?
eg. tripping? animals? Any areas that are prohibited? etc.
2. Ensuring Well-Being of Cadets
Consider the physical state of the cadets
eg. hydrated? tired? hungry?
3. Encouraging Cadets
Make sure that the cadets carry out the task because the want to.
Eg. By encouraging,, creating a positive environment, inspiring etc.
4. Adjusting Responsibilities as Required
Distribute responsibilities evenly
If a cadet is more experienced, less supervision is an option. The cadet may receive more responsibilities.
If a cadet is less experienced, more supervision may be required. The cadet may receive less responsibilities to meet the timing.
5. Maintaining Control of Cadets
Keep cadets on task.
To keep them focused, dispose of any distractions
Give them all a common goal so that they will work harder.
eg. break, game, or simply that this will benefit them in the long run
6. Correcting Errors as Required.
Effective supervisors will not let mistakes slip. This will ensure that cadets won't make the same mistake again. This will also let them revise what and how things should be done
7. Reporting Misconduct as Required
If cadets behave in a manner that is unacceptable, these behaviors should be reported up the chain of command if you yourself can not handle it.
Don't let ONE cadet affect the entire group's whole work ethic.
Although the saying " if one goes down then all go down " is correct, "all" should help the one cadet up and make sure the job gets done.
8. Ensuring Completion of Responsibilities Assigned to Cadets as Required
When supervisors delegate/assign tasks to others, it is their responsibility to ensure all tasks are completed.
Circulate around the entire group to check out whether all tasks are being completed in the given time
1. When does supervision take place?
2. Which responsibility out of these 8 do you think is the most important one?**
Thursday Training Nights:
Meetings, Classes and Parade Timings
Set up and Tear Down
Other tasks that should be completed (opening supply, attendance etc.)
List some things that could require supervision at:
Drill team
First Aid
Effective speaking
Anything else?
Previous Lesson Learnt:
EO M303.04 - Communicate as a Team Leader
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