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Marvel Avengers Heroes

No description

Lily Manrodt

on 7 January 2018

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Transcript of Marvel Avengers Heroes

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Captain America
MARVEL Avengers Heroes
I will be talking about the first Thor movie

In this movie Thor starts out very arrogant and impulsive. After a lot of character development, at the end of the movie he has to fight a giant lava shooting metal monster. He is in a small town and he speaks to his brother controlling the monster thing and asks him not to destroy the town and to spare his friends. He asks his brother to kill him instead because that is what his brother wants. This sacrifice makes him worthy of the hammer and he then smashed the metal monster epicly
This Is heroic because he sacrifices not only himself pysically but his pride in being a warrior and a future king. These things are what is really important to him but also what made him a bad person. Its also heroic because he smashes the monster in an epic lightning storm and it is awesome.
Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Captain America
In "Captain America the First Avenger" Captain America has to fight the Red Skull leader of Hydra and part of the Third Reich after he defeats him he is flying in a plane with very large bombs headed for the US. There is no way to disarm the bombs fast enough or reroute the plane. Captain America makes the decision to fly the plane into the snowy icy uninhabited part of Canada so no one will get hurt. This will likely crash the plane and he will most likely die
This an obvious example of Heroism because it is very clearly self sacrifice. He sacrificed himself, and the life he was looking forward to after the war, in order to save a lot of people. He knew that he would probably die and he made the choice to save the people.
In Avengers Age of Ultron Scarlet witch starts of on the "wrong side" she is helping Ultron because she wants to get back at Tony Stark. She switches sides when she looks into Ultron's mind and sees that he plans to destroy the entire world. She and her brother then join the Avengers in order to stop him from destroying the world. She fights off robots and it is awesome. She is eventually the one to kill the main Ultron by ripping out his robot heart.
This is heroic because she changes her actions and overcomes a grudge to do the right thing. She thinks she is doing the right thing, going after Tony Stark, but when she realized she was wrong in helping Ultron she overcomes her anger against Tony Stark and helps him and the other Avengers defeat Ultron.
All three of these people gave up something that they wanted in order to save people and do the right thing.

"Sacrifice it the true mark of a hero"
By Lily Manrodt
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