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Youth Plan 2018

No description

Maria Perez

on 18 November 2017

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Transcript of Youth Plan 2018

To see each youth saved, set free, discipled,equipped, empowered: to serve.
Perfecting the knowledge of each youth about the word of God and Anchor them in the joy and doctrine of the Apostolic Faith
Guide them to obtain a spiritual purpose in order for them to live a life of integrity and prosper in their service to God.
Raise awareness of the importance of sharing the gospel and constantly seeking God's presence.
Create relationships within the youth in order to build their self-esteem and their identity as a christian to establish a stronger relationship with God, and become true worshipers and servants; that with a transformed life they will be a living testimony to others.
We will be focusing on the following areas:
Due to too many young people in our church are no longer part of our congregation, we feel the necessity to reorient our action plan with the youth. We will adopt different strategies to overcome this challenge, as:

Days of fasting and prayer, specially for those who have left
Visit, counsel and discipleship
Teach about the Doctrine of Jesus Christ
Emphasize on the promise of the Holy Ghost
To encourage young people to share with others young their beliefs and goals regarding their spiritual life.
To ensure that all young people can attend youth camp and other activities during the year. A committee will be in charge on raising funds for activities.
To motivate young people to have an intimate relationship with God and to be filled with the Holy Spirit
Youth Action Plan 2018
Alpha Omega Family Center
"My Service, my Prayer and my Worship is a Life Style"
"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."
1 Timothy 4:12
We need a generation that is filled with the presence of God. We will encourage every young person to seek an intimate relationship with God. We will create a prayer team that will be constantly praying for the spiritual growth of the young people.
To motivate young people to study the word of God with the help of weekly meetings.
We need a generation that knows God and this will achieved through the knowledge of his word.
We will have weekly meetings to study the word of God together, Bible verses competition, etc.
We will have individual meetings with every young person to build a personal relationship with them.
We will celebrate birthdays every 3 months.
We will plan outings every other month during the year and once a month during the summer.
We will attend most of the events dedicated to the Youth from the Assembly.
Youth Camp
Mission Trip 2019
Different Activities though out the year
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