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CET Production Season

A guide to the programs database and production timeline


on 9 March 2018

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Transcript of CET Production Season

How do we communicate about our programs?
1:1 conversations
too many emails
hard to keep track of information
hard to remember
limited to those directly involved
can't reflect information for external eyes AND serve as source of information for internal eyes at the same time.
CET Production Season

printed media
Terra Dotta
staff knowledge
email campaigns
CET Programs Database
Describe what a student takes in the fall/spring semesters.
Describe a student who is the perfect fit for this program.
Program Managers
Overseas staff
What are 3 must-buys at the local markets?
How is information entered?
How will information be used?
FAQs about Database Entry
Entries We

Competitor Analysis & Prices are provided to
Database opens.
Competitor Analysis is due.
Input of programs with minimal changes is due. Includes pricing.
Input of programs with major changes is due. Includes pricing.
PMs oversee.
Overseas staff assist.
PMs oversee.
Overseas staff assist.
Brochures finalized. Prices & dates on website.
PMs review print, web, & TDS elements.
Competitor Analysis & Prices
Week 1: after database is complete
Proof 2 = THE proof
Final prices input into Foxpro & approved.
Meredith & Mark
For the first week of production (3rd week in June or 1st week in July),
production staff
will read the database and work with a freelance designer and copywriter to produce a 1st proof reflecting changes and messaging shifts from the database.
TDS Updates
Spring = pre-production
We love this entry because it is
and it is
in its descriptions of activities.
with Shelley & Sarah
During the spring,
production staff
will collect photos & quotes, and produce general flyers & web pages.
You only get one chance to see a brochure for the first time. We want staff to save their "fresh eyes" for proof 2—after layout is set, but when there is still time to make changes.
should anticipate being asked to review proof 2, in late June or mid-July.
While our freelance team works on print materials, our in-house team turns attention to the website: updating content, messaging, and syllabi.
will receive instructions on reviewing web pages separately from the brochure. These edits are not as time-sensitive. We will generally give you a week to submit feedback on the website.
While the
production team
is working on the web and print,
are working to update TDS elements for each program: Course Request Lists, pre-departure materials, and online orientations.
Database & Production Timeline
Contact Shelley with any questions or concerns.
Any questions?
Also, check out all of the database resources and instructions on Igloo.
Specifics! No detail is too small. See "Entries we LOVE" below for examples.
Other proofreads
Typos speak loudly.
should anticipate being asked to help out with other proofreading tasks over the summer months, so that we can avoid errors and typos in all of our materials.
Program Changes & Database Entry
Program Changes
should be the lead on program changes. Others involved include:
Overseas Staff,
Marketing Team
to make sure what's being changed will meet market and partner needs, the
Director of Academic Affairs
when new courses are being added, and the
Director of Student Services
if processes are changing. All changes (including syllabi for new/revised courses) must be final by the database deadline.
Make a Plan for Database Updating
should make a plan with their teams for database updating. Make sure relevant staff are completing the right sections. Leave plenty of time for updating & one final review by the
before the database deadline. If it's in there after June 15/July 1, we take it as final and will incorporate it into marketing materials.
too many conversations; hard to keep track of what's relevant now
SST begins accepting spring students.
Program Changes. PMs + Acad Affairs,
Overseas Staff
, & Mktg
Please Sweat the Small Stuff
Details matter! If a program date is wrong, a course pre-requisite is left off, or numbers are inverted in a program fee and not caught before August 1, we are in trouble. We end up with unhappy partners and students, and it takes a great deal of effort by many teams to update and correct the error.
What do they want from us?!?
How much should we put into the database?
Be prudent and precise. No copying/pasting large amounts of information.
Do I have to put information into every block?
No. If a question doesn't apply, leave it blank. No need to insert N/A or anything like that.
Blank is best.
How do I know who wrote what?
If you edit a field, put your initials at the end of your entry. See an entry from another staff member that you need to change or add to? Edit the text, remove their initials, and put your own.
Our goal is to have only 1 entry per question.
Who fills out what?
A good program-wide entry involves a lot of people! Refer to the Igloo post below for a breakdown of who typically does what. PMs should divide up sections amongst overseas staff.
Almost all staff have login credentials, so use them!
Need to get credentials for someone else? Just send the request to S1!

Who fills out what? A guide. https://ata.igloocommunities.com/spaces/programsdatabase/instructions/2016_programs_database
Q: Describe the neighborhood(s)
The neighborhood where students live is quite busy and a bit noisy on the main streets, but once you get in the lanes it is much quieter. Many houses have lovely roof decks that provide nice views of the city and sometimes the Ganges. This can be a nice break from the hectic streets of Varanasi and provide some nice outdoor space for students.

Q: Describe site visits for any course that has them.

Modern History of Conflicts in the Middle East
Debate between CET students, Jordanian students and Palestinian students on the topic, "Refugees and their role in conflicts within and outside of the host country"

Media Arabic
Visit the main newspaper center in Jordan to meet with the head editor and learn how the newspaper was made and printed.

Jordanian Dialect
Visits to families of language partners and roommates, with discussion in class about cultural observations.
We love this entry because it
of the neighborhood, the city, and the scenery.
Q: List 5 must-eats.
Peking Duck (Beijing kao ya)
- crispy slices of roast duck topped with a little cucumber, scallion and sauce, all rolled up in a super-thin pancake
Beijing-style Hot Pot (shuan rou)
- dunk paper-thin slices of lamb into a boiling pot of soup at the center of the table, dip into a sesame-based sauce and enjoy!
is a Beijing breakfast staple - it's essentially a fried crepe, stuffed with a crispy cracker, eggs, scallions, and cilantro, and then folded over several times
- a style of eating in China, where you go to a cooler filled with meats and vegetables, choose what you want, and then give it to the cook, who puts them into a thick soup for you. It is a cheap, crowd favorite.
Tang Huo Shao
– a brown sugar bread roll. The CNU cafeteria makes a delicious one

We love this entry because it is
and it is
. Nothing is left for me to Google.
How we
change programs
tell the story
of CET programs,
and set ourselves up for
marketing success

CRMs Input Information
are assigned programs to analyze. Information on which competitors to look at comes from who are our top senders and targets, Tell Us About You data, and information/scuttlebutt from overseas staff.
Prices Set for the Next Year
Director of Marketing
prepares the analysis of competitor prices & meets with
Portfolio Directors
to review and make price recommendation. The
meet with Mark to review price recommendations.
prepares pricings for PMs.
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