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GDT 666 Major Illustration

No description

Abu Huzaifah

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of GDT 666 Major Illustration

GDT 666 Illustration Issue Problem Solution Ideation References Concept The Importance of a Good Role Model in Teenager's Character Development Teenagers nowadays tend to choose a bad role model in developing their own self. For example, the KL Gangster movie attract teenagers to do bad stuff such as fighting, joined the underground associations and even kill people. Exposed the heroes in Islamic histories such as Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh. let the teenager knows there are a better person to be a good role model. A story telling.
Story about the chronology of the opening of Constantinople lead by Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh himself
Islamic culture
1400 -1500 A.D Redesign the character so that the characters look energetic and strong with charisma .
The storyline still with the original story so that teenagers can feel the glorious era of Islam.
The comic style will be more serious but at the same time enjoyable.
This comic will include a beautiful cover and a double spread poster at the middle of the comic.
There are also a few pieces of paper craft that will be included in the comic as a merchandise. These paper crafts consist of characters in the comic. Create graphic novel that tell the stories about the life of our Islamic heroes.
Redesign the characters into more attractive, youthful and strong characteristic.
Create merchandises such as, mobile phone's straps, mobile phone's casing, t-shirts, posters and many more.
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