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Peace Corps Application Process

This presentation is designed for recruiters and campus representatives for use in walking prospective applicants through the application process. I have included several "zoom outs" after key steps to allow for questions/recaps.

Christine O'Neill

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Peace Corps Application Process

Overview of Application Process Interview Nomination Navigating the Peace Corps Application Process Presentation by:
Christine O'Neill
Peace Corps Campus Recruiter
RPCV, Costa Rica, 2007-2011
peace@wustl.edu // 314-935-4166 EL CAMBIO CONCEPTUAL ESTÁ EN NOSOTROS º Before you begin (and throughout the process): Evaluate whether Peace Corps service is right for you.

Step 1: Online application
Step 2: Interview
Step 3: Nomination
Step 4: Medical pre-screening, legal, suitability, and competitive reviews.
Step 5: Invitation
Step 6: Final medical clearance
Step 7: Prepare for departure Online Application You'll also be asked for: Eligibility information (SSN, citizenship, DoB, etc.)
Contact information (current and permanent)
Financial information (student loans and outstanding financial obligations)
Information on prior applications or Peace Corps service
Marital & family status
Legal information (such as prior arrests)
Involvement in intelligence community (CIA, DIA, NSA, etc.) You'll also be asked for: Information about any of licenses or certificates that you hold:
First aid
Skilled trades
You'll be able to upload copies of your certifications/licenses at the end of the application. Keep in mind... It is to your benefit to include any experience that may relate to a Peace Corps assignment. This will help you to qualify for more assignments and be more competitive.
Look through the assignment descriptions in our catalog in order to learn more about the assignments and see examples of the type of work that will help you to qualify.
If you have limited experience, speak to a recruiter about how to gain additional experience. Note: Here you have the opportunity to state preferences in terms of assignment (sector), region, and date of departure.
The more flexible you are, the more likely it is that Peace Corps will be able to match you to a suitable assignment. Essay Tips Presentation matters! Apply the same care to your essays that you would to an important assignment.
Choose specific, personal experiences which speak to the essay prompts and demonstrate your motivation, commitment, emotional maturity, and cultural competency.
Look to Peace Corps Core Expectations and agency goals to help frame your responses.
Use the essay-writing activity as an opportunity to reflect on your own preparedness for Peace Corps service. Health History Form You will also fill out a health history form, which will ask you about medical concerns that are recent, ongoing, or may require support in the field.

This information will allow Peace Corps to place you in a country that meets your medical needs.

It is important that you fill out this information accurately, as it will be the primary way of determining your medical placement.

Like with legal information, you can be disqualified from Peace Corps service for intentionally mis-representing your health status. An interview is an opportunity for PC to further determine your suitability for Peace Corps service.

You will have the opportunity to talk about past experiences, how you handle different situations and challenges, and any preferences or concerns that you may have.

It's also a chance for you to ask questions about service and confirm your commitment.

Treat it as you would any professional interview: be prepared, dress professionally, and arrive on time. A nomination is Peace Corps' recommendation that you continue along the application process.

However, it is not a final offer from Peace Corps. The final offer is an invitation, and is contingent upon several clearances.

Sample nomination: Environmental education, departing March 2013. At this point, your file moves to DC and is screened for initial medical compatibility, legal suitability, and competitiveness.

Occasionally, Peace Corps will request additional information as part of these clearances. Respond to all requests promptly.

If you were asked to gain additional skills as part of your nomination, you may be asked for confirmation of your experience. Clearances The invitation includes the country, departure date, and information about the program to which you are being invited.

You have one week from the time you receive your invitation to accept or decline.

While Peace Corps provides some information about the country, you should also feel free to research the country and program, and reach out to current PCVs. Invitation This clearance includes (at minimum) a visit to your doctor and dentist.

Depending on your medical circumstances, you may also have to visit a specialist and/or get certain vaccines.

Peace Corps provides reimbursement to offset the costs associated with medical clearance. Final Medical Clearance Continue to respond quickly to all requests from Peace Corps.

You will have to apply for a Peace Corps passport, so be sure to have all of the required documents ready.

Network! Talk to RPCVs and find other members of your training group online.

Learn more about your country of service, continue gaining technical skills, and study the language. Preparation for Departure Preparing to Apply Peace Corps has thousands of volunteer jobs available for applicants who possess:
A degree and/or experience that aligns with the agency's programming,
Demonstrated commitment to service,
Maturity and professionalism,
Leadership potential,
Social Sensitivity and cross-cultural awareness,
Flexibility, resourcefulness, and a sense of humor.

Applicants with teaching credentials, experience in agriculture or environmental sciences, or health backgrounds are sought after for Peace Corps service. Gaining experience in any of these areas will make your application more competitive. You can also strengthen your application by studying French or Spanish.
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