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Death marches in the Holocaust

No description

Alex Lambert

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Death marches in the Holocaust

Death marches in the Holocaust
By: Alex L.
What is a death march?
A death march is a forced march
of prisoners of war or other captives
or deportees with the intent to kill,
brutalize, weaken and/or demoralize as many of the captives as possible along
the way.
Famous Death Marches
An infamous one occurred in January 1945, as the Soviet Red Army advanced on occupied Poland. Nine days before the Soviets arrived at the death camp at Auschwitz, the SS marched nearly 60,000 prisoners out of the camp toward Wodzisław Śląski.
March of the Living
The March of the Living, is an annual educational program which brings students from around the world to Poland, where they explore the remnants of the Holocaust.
Death March Purposes
The evacuations of the concentration camps had three purposes:

(1) SS authorities did not want prisoners to fall into enemy hands alive to tell their stories to Allied and Soviet liberators

(2) The SS thought they needed prisoners to maintain production of armaments wherever possible

(3) Some SS leaders believed that they could use Jewish concentration camp prisoners as hostages to bargain for a separate peace in the west.
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