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Pepsi Refresh Project

Case Presentation

Adwait Karambelkar

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Pepsi Refresh Project

The Pepsi Refresh Project A Case Presentation A Brief History Of PepsiCo 21st Century Challenges The Pepsi Refresh Project Social Media Refresh Everything: Website Statistics (as of November 2010) The Channels Traditional Media - Since 1898 - Drop in average annual per person soda consumption from 864 to 736 servings - $20 million in grants to consumer ideas
- Social Media
- Traditional Media
- Sports Marketing
- Other Advertising - Aimed at Millenials
- Facebook, Twitter, Mobile Applications
- Online voting
- Main Website, Facebook, SMS text messaging
- Site reached 4-5 million new visitors per month
- Cheating
- Winners and amounts - Diverse brands like Fritos, Doritos, Lay’s, Gatorade, Tropicana, Sobe Waters, Aquafina, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Quaker Oats, etc. - 1960s : "The Pepsi Generation" - 1980s : "The Choice of a New Generation" - 1990s: "GeneratioNext" - Hardball Marketing Ideas Through The Years - 1970s : "The Pepsi Challenge" - Obesity: By 2010, 2 obese in every 3 American adults - ABA decides to reduce calorie content in beverages - PepsiCo segments products :
- Fun-for-you
- Better-for-you
- Good-for-you
- No Superbowl ads for the first time in 23 years.
- Immediate disengagement with 100 million people. The Catch - Television and print advertising
- Major Networks, People and Parade Magazine
- Today Show featured 3 weeks of stories on idea submissions
- Su Chin Park and Nick Cannon
- Traveled US in Refresh Bus to film segments on winners Sports Marketing - NFL
- FIFA World Cup Other Advertising - Billboards, Taxi-cabs, Mobile Outdoor Sites,
Celebrity Endorsements
- Stickered packaging with ‘Refresh’
– Distanced the program from
purchase of Pepsi
-Many who participated in project were
not soda drinkers Super Bowl - Pepsi canceled Super Bowl ads in 2010
- Sacrificed Awareness
- Gained Authenticity and Credibility
- Absence created buzz and added 300,000
Facebook fans to the Refresh Project Partner Networks - Partnered with GOOD – guide and enabler.
- They recruited and managed a team of Ambassadors who worked to increase the involvement of the non-profit community and cultivate innovative ideas.
- They worked with grant winners to maximize their success in executing their ideas in their communities.
- Engaged with its employees and bottler partners The Refresh Everything Campaign Pepsi Refresh Anthem -In January 2009, Pepsi launched its Refresh rebranding with a ‘Forever Young’ TVC featuring Bob Dylan and Will.i.am

- Every generation refreshes
the world.Now its your turn.

- Compared with the Obama
campaign. Social Media Failure Strategy - Game Mechanics - Upto 1000 ideas could be submitted in six categories each month with voting in the next month. Each month was a new campaign.
- 32 grants of $5k,$25k,$50k and $250k, totaling to $1.3m each month
- Leader board for the most popular ideas. Conflict with Brand Culture Pepsi is always associated with culture moments, with music and sports.
By definition, the project is heavy. The stories on the website can make you shed tears. - The target market: Millennial, are the people who engaged most with the program, but they are also the people that drink less soda.
- Not having a direct product tie-in decreased odds from the start that this would drive sales—a big no-no in a declining and fiercely competitive category. Focus on Overseas market Product Placement Named “best ever social media campaigns” by Forbes magazine
The leader of brand, ahead of Coke, Nike and Newman’s Own
182,931 ideas submitted
57 million had voted for an idea
Generated 3.24 billion media impressions, estimated to be worth $66 million in media value Project Influence The Metrics - The sales volume fell 5% in 2010
- Pepsi-Cola surrendered its title as the 2nd
best-selling carbonated beverage to Coke
- Some people criticized the change of Pepsi Problems? Punt the Super Bowl as one of its biggest advertisers for 23 years Why? The people who engaged in the PRP were not the ones who bought the beverage
- Non profit organizations Why? - People who voted for an idea just spent a short time
- Vote and go
- The influence disappeared quickly in one year Why? - Pepsi did a good job in the Pepsi Refresh Project because it made a great impression on people that it wants to help the society
- Also, Pepsi did a good job by cancelling the project because it didn’t bring economic benefit to Pepsi Conclusion SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Brand Pepsi has very high awareness, even globally.
Pepsi has access to solid marketing resources and has successfully executed large scale marketing campaigns in the past.
Pepsi has a massive presence over the internet and social media which exposes them to a large chunk of their target market.
It has the first mover advantage, as it was the first to explore the potential of social media and cause-related marketing. Strengths Weaknesses In its first year, the Pepsi Refresh Project did not see the kind of reaction it expected from its target audience, mainly the Millenials.
The average time spent by users, though a lot in number, on the website was low, only about 3-4 minutes, indicating low involvement.
Most grantees were organizations, as opposed to individuals.
Participation in the project does not involve the purchase of Pepsi.
Hence, the project does nothing to try and directly boost sales. Opportunities The internet is a proven tool for amassing a large audience.
The project could be linked with the purchase of a Pepsi product.
Pepsi could focus more on individuals' ideas and get more involved with grantees. Threats The sales dip indicates that the project might be a bad replacement for its traditional Super Bowl television advertising.
Although unlikely, a possible move by Coca Cola in the same direction as the project. Possible Alternatives 1. Resume the Super Bowl ad.
2. Treat the Refresh Project as a part of the non-profit project.
3. Spend money on different commercial Channels such as Product Placement or Google.
4. Addressing the idea that: Every time you drink Pepsi, you are donating a portion of the money for good. Adwait Karambelkar
Shuangcheng Huang
Philip Elan
Sinduja Ramamoorthy
Xiaoxiang Chen
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