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City Of Ember

by Cooper, Owen, Julia and Gabi

cooper caputo

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of City Of Ember

Doon Harrow is a Pipeworks worker
who is using this chance to understand
the failing and confusing City of Ember. Can you imagine being trapped in a city? A city with no supplies? A city with no hope? Lina Mayfleet The Pipeworks The
Ember Was once a
city of lights,
a prospering city. "In the City Of Ember, the skies were always dark"

"The only light came from great flood lamps mounted on the buildings and at the tops of the poles in the middle of the larger squares"

"They cast a yellowish glow"

"People walking by threw long shadows that shortened and then stretched out again"

-Page 4 (all of them) "Pipeworks laborers worked below the storerooms in the DEEP LABRYINTH of tunnels that contained Ember's water and sewer pipes. It was wet, cold work; it could even be dangerous."
-page 11 "making her wish in pictures"
"she saw herself running through the street"
-6 "so ANCIENT"
-page 41 "So that meant he was fifty feet underground"
-page 44 "CHURNING so VIOLENTLY, its dark waters became white and filled the air with a spray that wet Doon's face."
-page 43 julia Beyond Ember is an
Darkness. " 'Nothing! Nothing!
There is nothing
out there!' " - page 65 “Along the ceiling ran a SINGLE WIRE from which a light bulb hung every few yards.”
-page 44 "A strand of her long dark
hair winding and winding
around her finger" -5 “a leak that SPURTED a STREAM of water straight out from the wall” PAGE 45 Mayor "There is too much darkness in Ember Lina. Its not just outside, its inside us too." -168 "Everyone has some darkness inside, its like a hungry monster." -168 Presentation by Gabi, Julia , Cooper Caputo, and Owen Plimpton
Book by Jeanne DuPrau “What was power that ran through wires? Where did it come from?” Creative and Energetic by: cooper

“He was proud of his mechanical talent." The city was in even worse shape than he’d suspected.
Not only were the lights about to fail and the supplies were going to run out, but the water system was breaking down.” "When the lights were
off, as they were
between nine at night
and six in the morning,
the city was so dark that
people might as well have
been wearing blindfolds."
-page 4 THE END KEY:
White words: Important part "There's only darkness and
monsters, darkness and
terrible deep holes, darkness
forever!" -page 73
Doon Harrow "'And do you think that
Ember is the only light
in the dark world?'...
...'I don't know.'"
-page 67 Beyond Ember is an
Darkness "'And do you think Ember
is the only light in the dark
...'I don't know.'" - page 67 by: gabi by: owen Jobs:
Character Rep #1 (DOON)-Cooper
Character Rep #2 (LINA)-Julia
Location Scout #1 (PIPEWORKS)-Gabi
Location Scout #2 (CITY OF EMBER)-Owen Then years and years passed,
until... "On Assignment Day of the year 241,"
-Page 5 "The lights were
beginning to flicker..."

-Back of book
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