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1.04 Assessment The Golden Age of Islam

this is my assesment for flvs i hope you like it

Richard Espinosa

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of 1.04 Assessment The Golden Age of Islam

The Golden History
The,impact paper had on economy
The discovery of the chinse paper making process was a result of trade and interaction.
Intellectual Expression
art played an enormous role in the Golden Age of Islam intricate floral or vine designs were introduced on pottery, texties, and buildings Geometric deigns were a big important and key role also.
Political Architecture
the complex architectural designs of the Golden Age of Islam is what gave this era character. the architectureof this time included the use of ordered repetition and intricate designs while also illustrating patterns.
Social effect of literat.
the social effect of litterature
as the paper industry expanded. so did the ideas regarding love,religion, and philosophy. more individuals were climbing the slocial hiearchy due to obtaining the skills of literacy
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