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Kindergarten 2013-2014

Info for SeaWind Parents

Melissa Pastor

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Kindergarten 2013-2014

Mrs. Pastor’s Kindergarten
Class of 2014-15
SeaWind Elementary
Open House
August 14, 2014
Welcome Aboard Parents and Students
Ahoy Matey!!

Meet the Teacher
I grew up in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. I have lived in Florida for 18 years, but
I love and miss Minnesota very much!
It was a great place to grow up and
I enjoy visiting my family there...
but only from May through October.
A little bit
about me...
I am your teacher, Mrs. Melissa Pastor.
I LOVE teaching Kindergarten!!
This is my fourth year teaching kindergarten at SeaWind. I really enjoy this age group and all the learning that takes place everyday makes me SMILE!
I think your kids are very lucky to be going to school here. Not only is the school campus beautiful and very well cared for, but the administration, staff members, teachers and students are the best!
I know how precious your children are to you. I promise I will respect them, care for them and provide the most enriching environment possible.
We (my husband Anthony and dog Kaiser) moved to Hobe Sound 8 years ago from Orlando. We love to travel, boat, golf, go to the beach, camp, watch our favorite sports teams and spend time with family and friends. Last October we welcomed our first little girl named Ava Isabella into the world. Oh my gosh what a handful she is!!!
Sailing on Our Way to Kindergarten Success
Welcome to KINDERGARTEN!!!
Mrs. Pastor's Pirate Crew
I have 2 sisters, an older
one and a younger one.
YES, I am the middle child.
August 12th was National
Middle Children's Day!
(Finally some recognition..)
Kindergarten 1983-84
Orlando, Fl
I received my Bachelors degree in
Elementary Education K-6
from Florida Atlantic University
Rest Time
Arts and Crafts
Pretend/Play Time
hand written report cards
and all in a
Kindergarten 2014-15
Curriculum Night
Moday August 25th
Please come to learn all
about the Florida Common Core
Standards for each subject area
Related Arts Schedule

Week A
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
P.E. Music Music Science Science

Week B
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
P.E. Computers Art Art
Our Principal, Mrs. Ager
Our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Stull
Report Cards will be sent home every 9 weeks. The envelope needs to be signed and returned!
You have online access through Pinnacle. You will receive your user name and password after school begins.

Grading System aligned with Common Core Standards:

M= Meeting Expectations
P = Progressing
N = Not Meeting Grade Level Expectations
Behavior is graded on Report Cards!
Reading & Language Arts
Mrs. Jan Elliott
Reading Coach
Pirate Birthdays
If you would like to bring a treat for your Pirates Birthday, chocolate is my favorite flavor... lol. Please drop the treat off at the front office with plates, napkins or any other utensil needed. We cannot allow cake, but cupcakes taste just as good. We also cannot allow red juice of any kind to be brought into the classroom. If you would like to have a birthday party and want to pass out invitations at school, either the whole class needs to receive an invitation or only boys or only girls. We just cant exclude students. Feelings are very easily hurt.
Writers Workshop
We teach a writing workshop based on Lucy Caulkins pedagogical research and instructional practices. Students will be writing personal narratives, opinion pieces and toward the end of the year, expository/informational stories.
Shipwreck Sight Words
Center Days and Volunteers
Field Trips
Meet the
We hopefully will be going on 3 field trips this year. The Martin County Environmental Studies Center, The Children's Museum and High School Theater Show. Permission slips will be provided prior to the trip and must be completed for the student to attend the trip. There also is a fee per student (discounted admission and bus fare) for the Museum and Theater trips. Please see me if you need assistance with these costs. Donations to our classroom from "Get on the Bus!" will help offset some of these hardships. I want all students to be able to participate and experience the treasures of our coast.
We have sailed aaargh way through
Kindergarten Open House. The success of your child comes from your support of our high academic standards and expectations. Please make sure that you are taking the time to do the homework with your child. It is critical to their progress!

I am so excited for this coming school year and all the learning that will take place! Cherish these times with your little pirate. There is so much growth that happens in kindergarten; socially, emotionaly, physically and academically! My suggestion to you is to sit back, set sail and enjoy your child's first year in school!
We have a 45 minute math block. I believe in a CRA (concrete, representational, abstract) sequence of instruction to ensure students truly have a thorough understanding of the math concepts/skills they are learning. You will have weekly math pages that come home on Tuesdays. This is part of the homework calendar and must be competed and returned. I urge you to talk about the concepts with your pirate and have them explain why they think the way that they do. It is very important that they are able to verbalize and rationalize their thinking process.
Please note that all visitors on campus must check in with the front office first. All visitors, regardless of how long you stay, must have a badge visibly worn at all times.
Your pirate will be eating lunch from 10:18-10:48. Parents are welcome to come and eat with their child (you need a visitors badge. Parents may purchase a lunch if needed. Students who are buying lunch will need to set up a lunch card account. You can add money to their account online or send in cash/check. If any money is being sent to school for any reason, please use the $chool Dollars receipt found in your
Dress Code
Students are required to wear a collared shirt. Fridays are SeaWind Spirit Days. Students may wear a SeaWind shirt or Martin County Character Counts Shirt. T-Shirts can be purchased through PTSA for $15. They make great Christmas presents!
Dolphin Grille
Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria from 7:15-7:35. Please make sure that your Pirate is there with plenty of time to eat and is able to get to class by 7:40. Students may either bring a bag lunch or purchase lunch from the SeaWind Grille. Please make sure that if your pirate brings his or her lunch that they are able to open and facilitate all of the containers/bags. All students will get a lunch card. Parents can either deposit monies online at www.mealpayPlus.com into their account or send a check or cash. Please make sure that money sent in to school is in a sealed envelope with their name, teachers name, how much money is included and what they money is for on the outside of the sealed envelope.
•Parents may come and eat lunch with their child. There are picnic tables available to eat on outside, but please remember that you are only allowed to dine with your child. Unfortunately, you must say goodbye to your child when their lunchtime is over. Parents are not allowed to go to recess or back to their child’s classroom with them. Remember, anytime you are on campus you must get a visitors badge!
10:10 - 10:40
Welcome to Kindergarten,
Class of 2027!!!
SeaWind Elementary
Florida Common Core Standards
SMART technology
ipads, laptops, Slates and Promethean Boards
unlimited online resources and communication
class size reduction
student goals and responsibility
multi-disciplinary & dimensional
inclusive education
multiple learning/teaching styles
differentiated instruction

• SeaWind and PTSA will have various fundraisers throughout the year. We encourage families to get involved and interact with other SeaWind families.
-Stevie B’s

•We do encourage parent volunteers on campus! Please contact your teacher for more information or what days/hours volunteers are needed. There are lots of different things that you can do to help make our school more successful! Volunteers will need to fill out a form 270 which can be found in the front office. If parents want to attend a field trip, they must have a level 2 security clearance from the district at a cost of $25. The clearance is good for 2 years. Volunteer orientation is September 9th at 8:30am. Please get yourself involved! You can make the difference!!

•On early release days students will be dismissed at 11:45.
•The carline loop will be open from 7:10-7:40am, and will reopen for dismissal at 1:40pm.

•If your child needs to be picked up early for any reason, an authorized custodian may do so, however no dismissal changes will be allowed/made after 1:20pm. If you need to pick your child up early, you must do so before 1:20pm.
•If your child has a change in how they are getting home, you must send in a written note. Students are NOT allowed to ride another student’s bus home for any reason.

Kindergarten does NOT do interim report cards! Students have the entire quarter to master the skill being assessed.

•Parent/Teacher conferences will be November 4th and April 7th. You may also speak directly with me to schedule meetings for something that might need more immediate attention. Again, communication is key so feel free to call, email or send written notes if there is something that needs consideration.

• We are a PBiS (positive behavior support) school. This means that we reward positive interactions and good choices. Poor choices will be dealt with accordingly. The model that we follow is FINS; Follows Directions, I am Respectful, Needs to be Responsible, Shows Self Control. Students have the chance to earn FINS tickets for following the expectations and making good choices. The tickets can then be redeemed for various prizes and incentives both school wide and within the classroom.
•Every Tuesday a folder will be going home with your child. Important school and district information will be included. You must sign the folder acknowledging that you received the information and send it back on Wednesday.
•“Alert Now” is our automated call service that sends important news out to families. When needed, emergency situations or weekly updates will be sent from Mrs. Ager to the number listed on your yellow emergency card. Make sure the number is current!
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