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Jessica Bane

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of YHS ESA

Ysleta High School
Environmental Science Academy Misson Statement:
To provide Globally Relevant Education for
Eco-friendly Neighborhoods and environmental sustainability October 1 2010:
Environmental Summit at the Camino Real Hotel
"What Can You Do?" Conservation/sustainability in your home
"Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Options in the County"
"Hoarding: The Environmental Impact on your Neighborhood"
"Youth Group-Renewable Resources" October 6, 2010
Rio Research Roundup Students ran parameter tests to learn about the water quality in the Rio Grande A look at where we've
been and where we're
headed December 16, 2010
Tech2O Center Visit center's stations (students create "passports")
Visit desalination plant
Gain an overall understanding and appreciation of total water management in the Chihuahuan Desert Next Steps Recruit grades 9-12 Visits to:
Camino Real Middle School
Ysleta Middle School
Rio Bravo Middle School
Alicia Chacon Elementary School
Desert View Middle School Course sequence 2011-2012 classes
Freshman: PAP Biology/Concepts ofEngineering and Technology
Sophomore: PAP Chemistry/Engineering Design and Presentation
Junior: AP Physics/Scientific Research and Design
Senior: AP Environmental Science/Problems and Solutions Future Field Trips:
Recycling center Senior Project Ideas:
1. Water stations throughout school
2. Expand recycling program on campus
3. Aquaponics system in greenhouse
4. Install energy efficient lighting
5. recover/replant vegetation on campus Seniors will present final project to an audience consisting of:
Advisory board Junior Class Project:
Design and implement a plan to make the environmental science academy building environmentally sustainable Expand existing recycling
program Trip to Fredricksburg, TX
(project based learning) Advisory board
aid in creating innovative course
provide guidance to future of academy
provide mentoring opportunities for our students "Something small leads to something big:Our generation our environment, our future!" Class snapshot
12 Seniors
6 Juniors
14 Sophomores
32 Students in total
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