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Turkey and Dictatorship

No description

Hilary Izatt

on 7 May 2018

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Transcript of Turkey and Dictatorship

Turkey and Dictatorship
Class Business
Readings for Monday
BDM chapter 4
Walker and Aten

Film Papers
I will drop the lowest score
Get #3 Done ASAP

Final Exam
Take Home
similar format to midterm (longer)
Test will be available on Wednesday May 2
Due Wednesday May 9 by 5:00 PM (NO EXCEPTIONS)

I will drop the lowest score from your exams!!!!
exam 1 + exam 2 = 50% of your final grade
Highest score will comprise the entire 50%
What is the role of dictatorship historically in turkey?
Diamond Facing up to the democratic recession
Is it a different brand of authoritarianism?
What is the role of democracy?
What is the role of culture?
How has Erdogan managed to retain power?
What is his Question?
Why is it important?
Falsifying Case
Is He Wrong?
What Else Can He Explain?
What does Turkey teach us about dictatorship?
Is Erdogan a unique dictator or does he use similar tools to stay in power?
How would other authors describe the Turey case?
Video and Cook Atlantic Article
What is his answer?
How do you explain the stagnation in the expansion of democracy worldwide since 2006?
Two empirical ways to answer this, not enough focus on the second. He chooses to expand the second view.
1. achieve equilibrium; no reverse wave = durable democracy
2. Incipient decline in democracy: deepening of authoritarianism in dictatorships and decline in self confidence and functioning of established democracies
4 factors that need to be looked at more in depth in order to answer his question.
decline in quality and stability of democracy in "swing states"
deepening of authoritarian states in big and strategically important states
poor performance of established democracies: lack of confidence to promote
Four factors in reverse, specifically in the countries he names
instead of breakdown we see build up of democracy
improvement of democracy in "swing states"
big authoritarian states become more democratic or liberalized
established democracies promote democracy more efficiently at home and abroadd
He wrote this in 2015; Has democratic recession gotten worse, stayed the same, or improved?
How would Diamond explain 2018 Turkey?
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