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Research Methods

Using the Yukon College Library resources to find information for your paper

aline goncalves

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Research Methods

Library Information Search Process for Research Encyclopedic Knowledge Why Google may not good for everything… There is too much stuff, and our time is limited
There is too much stuff, and our patience is limited
Lots of basic information, not so much scientific studies
It is hard to identify where the information is coming from
It is hard to identify the authority of a source
Results often include advertising and commercial websites Internet Search may be complicated because… Select a broad topic Explore your broad topic What is interesting about this topic?

How much time to complete the assignment?

How much information will be necessary?

What types of sources will be necessary? Things to consider:

- Personal interests
- Your assignment
- Your instructor recommendations
- Previous readings Focus on a topic: research question/statement Identify ideas

What do you want to answer/verify/argue about?

What are the core keywords of your search?

Are there authors, theories, titles that could be used as keywords?

Questions to ask: who/what? how? --- when? where? Start Planning your Search Think of your paper: what parts should it have? What kind of information will you need for each part?

Select keywords: identify similarities

Combine keywords: AND, OR, NOT

Filtering by dates, sources Explore the library and find good books, videos, and articles: do not limit yourself to Google or Wikipedia!

Review and evaluate your findings

Cite your sources Start Searching! Bullying in the classroom Example: Human Behavior Human Behavior Genes and Behavior Culture and Behavior Aggressive Behavior Aggressiveness on the Internet

Cyberbullying Can bullying and cyberbullying be prevented by the same methods?

Cyberbullying is different from the traditional bullying, therefore it requires different prevention methods.
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