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Human Capital Planning and Strategy

No description

Mayank Jain

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Human Capital Planning and Strategy

Interpreting Strategy for Direction Dashboards & Reports Diagnostics & Analytics Enabling Strategy,
Providing Insight
Helping "D3" We Help Make the
Journey ! Do you make decisions about your people with the same rigor, logic and confidence as your decisions about money, program policy and technology? Dr. John Boudreau USC Marshall School of Business
Center for Effective Organizations 1) Not the "What" but the "WHERE" 2) First, Answer "WHY" PRIORITIZATION 3) Biggest Challenge: "HOW" Approach Connection More important than the "What Metric" is the "Where it matters most" 1) Pivot Points 2) Which Data Slices Business Strategy Intensive Analytics Intensive Example: Insight = Total Term Rate? OR
Term Rate by Tenure ? Conversation Discussion To get to the "what metric" and "Where", first prioritize the OBJECTIVE Solving For ?? Existing Human Capital Test Hypothesis Anomalies in data slices?
Abnormalities in trends? Which Tool ? Example: Is hiring External Wholesalers worth it? Driving Business Change by Embedding Metrics in Executive Decision Making It is not just the "What"!! Mayank Jain VP, Workforce Planning and Strategy
Ameriprise Financial Should the leader listen?
Leader's big business problem?
What's in it for the leader? Business Angle HR Angle Questions? mayank.j.jain@ampf.com ENGAGE the Business FACILITATE the discussions - Speak the language of the Business
- Path to Profitability
- Actionability Key Business Metrics Convert to $ Employee Heat Map A) Known, existing Problem B) Ensuring no Hidden Problems exist C) Avoiding Future Problems Company Direction & Outlook Future Human Capital Link to Business Strategy It is not just the "What"!! VP, Workforce Planning and Strategy
Ameriprise Financial Driving Business Change by Embedding Metrics in Executive Decision Making Mayank Jain Peel the "What Metric" with "Which data slices"

Think MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS Chart hidden on purpose Chart hidden on purpose
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