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All about the Nazis secret police, the Gestapo

Kitt Kroeger

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Gestapo

The Gestapo Kitt Kroeger
Maggie McDonnell The Time Period The Gestapo was originally created after the Nazis took power in Germany in 1933. Goring became the leader of this organization on 26 April 1933. In late 1936 the Gestapo was merged with the Kriminalpolizei or "Kripo" (German for Criminal Police). This merged unit was called the Sicherheitspolizei or "Sipo" (German for Secret Police). In 1939 the Sipo merged with another unit known as the SD (meaning Secret Service) and became know as the RSHA (standing for the Reich Security Central Office). http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Holocaust/Gestapo.html Period 1 Who They Are http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/GERgestapo.htm The Gestapo was the Nazis secret police. This society was started in Prussia after Rudolf Diels became head of the gestapo. In April 1934 the gestapo was handed over to the SS Nazi police. They accompanied German armies when marching into foreign countries. During World War || there was an estimated 45,000 soliders and 160,000 agents and spies. People often misuse the name of the Gestapo. They often use the name gestapo when referring to other SS branches. The Gestapo was one branch out of many that helped the nazis in their extinction of Jews. The gestapo was under the security police and security service. Citations This site talks about the pass off of the gestapo. It also talks about how the gestapo acted when in cities i.e. how they dressed. It talks about what ended up happening to most of the gestapo and their leaders. The relavance was to the "Who They Are" slide. It also was used in the "Results" slide. This site talks about the time frame and how the gestapo formed with many other societies. It goes into detail about the names, when they merged and the leaders of it all. It also talks about how the gestapo was trained. It is relevant to the "Time Period" slide. It is relevant to this slide because of the great description it gave about the merges. Where It All Happened http://www.history.com/topics/gestapo The Gestapo started in Germany. They went to the ghettos to persecut Jews and also went to surronding areas. They would go to surronding countries to round up Jews and send them to concentration camps. Who Was Involved The Gestapo involved many people, whether it be in a negative or positive way. There was over 205,000 people involved in helping the gestapo at one point in the war. Other people involved were those who were persecuted by the Gestapo. Leftists, intellectuals, Jews, trade unionists, political clergy, and homosexuals are just of few ofthe groups of people who were killed by the Gestapo. The majority of the men involved in the Gestapo were ordinary men. The topic over why these people chose to do such a horendous crime is still debated. Why It Happened The Gestapo was made to carry out the Nazi project of assault of Jews and other congregrations. They were the secret police who went into smaller areas and areas where the german army was staying and pursued and killed Jews. The gestapo was suppose to enforce discrimination laws which kept Jews from having jobs and going to certain places. This site also talks about the merges with other societies involving the gestapo. It also talks about how the gestapo treated other people and other groups of people. It told of how the gestapo beat not only Jews, but other classifications of people such as homosexuals. This information was used in the "Who Was Involved" slide. It was also used in the "Why It Happened" slide. CAPTION: Guilt is what that would get. CAPTION: (red) fights for leader and people The Results Relation To Today http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/imt/nca/nca-02/nca-02-15-criminality-06-07.html The results of the Gestapo were devastating. Thousands of jewish synagoues were burned down. Public organizations were cancelled and churches were shut down. People who participated in church activities were immediately sent to concentration camps. People were arrested in their own homes and shops as a result of being spied on daily. About 2 million innocent people were killed by Einsatz Groups in the gestapo. They cleared Europe of 4 million Jews by annihilating them. Citizens were turned into slaves. Many important political figures were removed from office. All in all, the gestapo was responsible for the destruction of cities and the killings of millions of lives. This site was a great site for description of what the gestapo did. It went into immense detail about facts and events about the gestapo. It was descriptive on what the gestapo did and what they were. This informtaion was used in the "Results" page. It also went a little into the "Why It Happened" page. CAPTION: replacement command the weapons http://www.enotes.com/genocide-encyclopedia/gestapo This site was useful in explaining the position of the gestapo. It did a good job detailing about how the gestapo was a key part in the nazi genocide. It also talks about their relationship with other branches. This site was used in the "Who They Were" slide. It was also used in the "Who Was Involved" slide. The relation today is that of the entire Holocaust. People need to understand that everyone has their own personailty and everybody is different from everybody else. We shouldn't persecute peopl based on their relgion or how they look. We need to understand and accept that everybody is different and that we all need to find the good of other people instead of the bad or the different. By doing this, people around the world will be able to work out problems with each other and keep a WW3 from happening.
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