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Active & Passive Voice

Learning how to use and construct active and passive sentences

Rafael Sabio

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Active & Passive Voice

Active & Passive Voice
What is Active Voice?
When the subject is causing the action

What is Passive Voice?
When the subject receives the action
Ralph kicks the ball.
Susan eats the steak.
The ball is kicked by Ralph.
The steak is eaten by Susan.
Did you notice...
...that there is a pattern when using active & passive voice?
Active Formula = Subject doing the action + action verb
Passive Formula = Subject receiving the action + be verb + past participle
Now you try!
Using the worksheets provided by the teacher, get into groups of 2 and convert the sentences. You will be required to stand up and read your answers. But first, let's try a few together!!!
Change the sentence to passive form.
The teacher yelled at the students.
Change the sentence to passive form.
John and Mindy enjoy soccer.
Change the sentence to active form.
The glasses were broken by the babies.
Change the sentence to active form.
The class is canceled by the professor.
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