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Never Neverland

No description

Megan Cannons

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Never Neverland

EMS Research PPPs EYCS Excel They all thought wonderful thoughts... Follow me,
second star
to the right
and straight
on till
morning Wendy Darling would read the best written books to her brothers, Michael and John. Many came from the Bookstart Bear at the Big Read, where she had the best day.
One evening, Peter Pan visited and asked her
to travel back to
Neverland with
him and
Tinkerbell. Once upon a time, in a small town called Leatherhead... The Darlings soon arrived at Neverland, and had lots of adventures with Peter Pan
and the lost boys We're following our leader, Alida, Alida... One day, when Peter and the
children were exploring,
they discovered poor
Princess Tigerlily
had been tied up by
the pirates Oh no she hadn't Oh yes she had! Peter quickly flew to Tigerlily's rescue and saved her from Captain Hook When they were all on their way,
Hook seized his moment
and kidnapped the
Darlings and
the Lost Boys Yaarrrggh No one was happy about it
and they couldn't wait for Peter to
rescue them all! Peter fought the
evil Captain Hook And slowly overpowered
him until... Hook fell into the sea,
where the crocodile
was waiting for him

Tick tock tick tock Once Peter was certain Hook was gone forever,
he and Tinkerbell set off for Surrey with Wendy
and the boys Darling, look,
it's the children Mummy darling, please can Peter and the lost boys come and live with us? But Peter didn't want to grow up, so flew back to Neverland with Tink One day, Wendy was reading a story to the children about a lovely family, and this made all the Darlings very
homesick, so they decided to fly home
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