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Hatchet book report

No description

Emma Munch

on 6 December 2014

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Transcript of Hatchet book report

Main Theme
The main theme of the Hatchet is mostly about suffering through many traumatic events, that the main character Brian goes through. He recently suffers his parents awful divorce. during that time he takes a small bush plane to go visit his dad, but then as him and the pilot fly over the forest the pilot suffers a severe heart attack. He is stranded in the Canadian wilderness with nothing but his hatchet that his mother gave him just before he left.
-Pilot ( Jim or Jake)
-mom and dad
- Blonde haired man
- man that saved him
- his teachers
Book Review
In my opinion the book was really well written. Lots of great details. But the only flaw that i know myself and some other people didn't like was that at the begging was he kept repeating himself.

If I were to rate this book on a scale from 1-10 I would give it a 8
Character traits, Brian
Brian an average thirteen year old boy so immature and imaginative and has no thought in the world of being stranded in the wild. He has dark brown hair and he was not a large boy but he wasn't too skinny but we could say he is about average. I assume he has brown eyes, Because on one of the book covers he had brown eyes.

Brian is quite a smart boy because he figures out how to hunt on his own and to make weapons. He also makes the decision to pretty much risk his life for the survival pack in the under water plane.
This book was published in 1987 written by Gary Paulsen. It's a very interesting book about how Brian was able to survive out alone in the wild for two months or pretty much the whole summer. He went through a lot of terrible things. He goes through first the plane crash then a terrible moose attack, a disastrous tornado, and the struggle to find food with no weapons.
After two months in the wild we decides to go back into the plane that sunk after the crash. Brian was successful to get into the plane. after nearly an entire day of breaking through steel, he went into the half sunken plane. He was able to find the survival pack. He opened it up the next day anf
<--- Brian
Written by
Gary Paulsen
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