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Power Rangers

No description

alex mct

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Power Rangers

the media i loved
the power rangers By Alex McTiernan theme song IN the BEGINNINg I first viewed the power ranger franchise when I was at the young age of 4, and I feel in love.

I can still remember watching the show and being told it was trash and I shouldn't watch it, so I would only ever watch it if no one else was around. After a while my family just excepted my slight obsession and allowed me to watch my rangers in peace.

As I went through the first stage of my life the rangers went with me.

I played power rangers
at school I had the toys And yes I even wore the Pjs. So ya I kinda liked the show a bit.

I even learned some important things
from the show.

Such as: Team Work The importance of friends Perseverance Loyalty In the end I really learned alot
from the Power Rangers even
amongst the corny fight scenes
and I don't think my childhood
would of been the same without
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