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A prezi covering the illuminated manuscripts of the medieval period and the following project.

Abigail Keefer

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Illumination!

The objects that we call illuminated manuscripts are the result of the book-making process from before the Roman Empire till the 1600's. People hadn't invented the printing press yet. So, any books that existed were all written by monks as a meditation and reflection. Many times one Monk would only have a small part in the making of a book. The only people who could afford to commission someone to hand write a book were the very rich. And there was the issue that most people during medieval times could not read. This meant that the pictures woven into the words that told the stories were very common and often were more important than the written parts. Because there is such a range of Medieval Illuminations... ...a time when the bestsellers were picture books! Because of the length of time that illuminated books were being made, many different styles evolved. The style that we are going to focus on is one that is found in a very famous book from around 800 AD. It was written in Celtic Ireland by monks and is widely thought of as one of the most intricate books of its kind. It is called the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells was a version of the Bible, but it has transcended its religious roll and now is studied as one of the few surviving books of its time. Books at that time were made from vellum, and vellum breaks down if it is left to the elements. Even the Book of Kells was discarded and partially destroyed from poor storage and aging. You are being commissioned to illuminate the first letter in your last name, because in medieval times your last name was a way of telling where you were from or your occupation. Use the checklist to make sure you remember all the steps after we go over it, and try to use plants and animals for inspiration. That's what they did back then! Here is some inspiration to work from... ...as well as the handouts.
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