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Neosho Administrative Meeting

No description

Dan Decker

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Neosho Administrative Meeting

Back-to-School Meeting
August 7, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond…

What Does that Mean?
Let’s Break It Down…

Infinity – Unlimited extent of time, space or quantity.

A distance so great that the rays of light from a point source at that distance may be regarded as parallel.

Beyond – To a degree that is past understanding, reach, or scope of.

Combined Definition – Performance in an unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity to a degree that is past understanding, reach, or scope of what we can imagine.
Mission Statement – To inspire high academic achievement, and maximize personal potential in all students

High - Situated or passing about the normal level
Academic - based on formal study
Achievement - a result gained by effort
Maximum - to make the most of
Personal - relating to an individual
Potential - something that can be develop or become actual

Combined - to develop each individual student in a way that will allow them to make the most of their educational opportunities and rise above the normal level through hard work by staff and students.
Where WE Are Going, is Going to Require Us to Be Outside the Box Thinkers!!!

What Does This Mean?....

Outside – a place or region beyond an enclosure, boundary, or limit.
Box – a container with four sides perpendicular to the base often having a lid. To close in surround, to confine.

Thinker – to form or have in mind, to devise, to have as an expectation, to center one’s thoughts on.

We must have in mind to devise expectations that are going to be at the center of our thoughts that will break through the educational container that has contained us for so many years, and set our sights on places that are beyond our current comprehension.

Don’t forget, We are some kids Last, Best HOPE!!! - Unknown
Do You Think You Make A Difference?
When you first look in the mirror in the morning, do you say to yourself, “Today, I’m going to change the world!”?
Probably not.

And yet we do change history every day, not just for ourselves but for our families, students, communities, employers, and country.

*Taken from Mark Sanborn’s book You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader.
What does it mean to be the "Pride of Southwest Missouri"
Pride - the best in a group or class.
Challenge - we must collectively do all we can in order to ensure all of our students have an opportunity to achieve at the highest level possible. Our students at Neosho deserve the very best and we have the obligation to prepare them for the world in which they will live after graduation.
So, what are we looking at?...
1:1 Technology
Partnership with Crowder/MSSU
Standards/Proficiency Based Grading
Flexible Scheduling
Hybrid Scheduling
Online Courses
Flipped Classrooms
College and Career Readiness
Proficiency Based Task Force -
Developed by Commissioner Nicastro to address the issue of Proficiency Based Credit

Use of Common Core Standards as measuring stick for Mastery

Began as 9-12 but now focus is on K-12

What doest this mean for Neosho?
Blended Learning Environment

What obstacles will we possibly face?
Transcribable Credits
This is definitely and exciting time in education. We are on the edge of something GREAT!

Change is hard but our students are worth it. We must move ahead and provide our students with the education they are going to require in order to be successful in their future.

The time is here and the time is now, we must move ahead and embrace the journey with all its challenges that lie ahead of us.
Building Level Improvement Plans (BLIPS)
Plans will be updated yearly
Plans will be tied to CSIP and Board Goals
Plans will require community involvement - at least one parent from each grade level or subject area.
Plan should include current student data (both good and bad)
Plan will include goals and assessments that will be used to evaluate success.
Plan goals will be posted throughout the building
Plans will be presented to the Board of Education
Board Communication
Friday Feature (weekly) - contents

Board Report (monthly) - contents

Quarterly Achievement Reports

General Communication with Board

Assessment Tools - Data Driven

Walk-throughs - How many/What form

Partnerships with Crowder/MSSU

1:1 Initiative

Bond Issue

Discipline - Support

Cell Phone Use
Board Norms
1. Read the information in the Board packet, Friday Features, etc. so we do not have to bring people up-to-date on information included in these documents.

2. If Board members enter the meeting late they will be updated on what they have missed after the meeting or at a break. The meeting will not be stopped in order to catch them up.

3. Do not wait until the Board meeting to bring up business or concerns that have come to individual Board members which they feel the need to be addressed. Let the Board President and the Superintendent know what is going on before the meeting so necessary information can be collected, etc, and the situation can be discussed with all information available.

4. Limit the amount of conversation going on between Board members or Board members and the audience. Conversations should be addressed to the Superintendent or Board President.

5. Preserve discussion time for agenda items at meetings called for specific tasks, unless and urgent or emergency situation has developed.

6. Include as many items in the consent agenda as possible. The more housekeeping items that can be put in the consent agenda the more time the Board will have to address the items that need to be addressed.

7. The Board will take turns speaking on an item so as not to interrupt someone, and so everyone can hear what is being said. The Board President or Superintendent will summarize conversations when needed to make sure all Board members are on the same page.

8. The Board should not take opinions expressed in a discussion personally.

9. The Board will take as much time as needed in an attempt to reach consensus on each item discussed so they can present a united front as often as possible.

10. The Board will work to ensure that the chain of command is enforced when receiving patron complaints.

Board Goals

Neosho R-5 students will consistently exceed Missouri averages in all subjects, grade levels, and student subgroups on State Assessments.

1. Comprehensive School Improvement Program (CSIP). The District will reevaluate the current CSIP and will look at ways to improve the document. The District’s CSIP will be a working document that will serve as a guide for educational decisions made throughout the District. The CSIP will also serve as an accountability document for all stakeholder groups throughout the District.

2. Literacy. The District will focus on improving literacy throughout the District. The District will implement a plan that will address the literacy needs of students at each grade level K-12. This plan and improvement will be measured through assessment and the results will be shared with the Board.

3. Achievement Reporting. The administration will provide for the Board quarterly student achievement updates. These reports will contain information both good and bad concerning student achievement and plans/programs that are in place to address both.

4. Drop-out Rate. The District will work to decrease the dropout rate by one half of what it was the previous year. This will be accomplished through the creation of programs to target students who exhibit drop-out traits early in their educational career and provide them with needed interventions for success in school. Develop programs that will address specific student needs and learning styles and the flexibility to meet them.


The Neosho R-5 School District will develop both short range and long range facilities plans that will allow the District to construct and maintain state-of-the-art facilities for the students of the District.

1. Facilities Plan. The District will continue to develop a long range facilities plan to serve as a guide for the District in improvement of current facilities and the construction of new facilities as needed.

2. Bond Issue. The District will orchestrate a bond campaign to build a new Jr. High facility on a yet to be named location for the April 2014 election. The planning and procedures for the project will be developed through school/community collaboration and the use of Patron Insight surveys.


The Neosho R-5 School District will generate a plan to develop and maintain quality communications with the community concerning operation of the District. This communication will involve the school, parents, and community members.

1. Customer Service. The District will focus on providing outstanding customer service to its parents and community. This will be assessed through the use of surveys, customer service cards, and day to day operation.

2. Partnerships. The District will develop a working partnership with Crowder College and Missouri Southern State University to bring educational opportunities to the students of the Neosho R-5 School District.

3. Bond Campaign. The District will use various means to communicate with and inform the Districts different stakeholder groups information on an upcoming bond issue. The District will use means such as face-to-face meetings, podcasts, community forums, social media, and promotion events.

4. Posters. In an effort to better communicate the Districts goals with the community, the District will put its Board Goals, CSIP Plan, and mission statement on posters throughout the buildings in the District. This communication will allow the District’s stakeholders to see the direction the school is going and why.


The Neosho R-5 School District will continue to implement a plan to put technology in the hands of all students. This technology will not be seen as a replacement for good teaching and quality teachers but a tool to enhance the educational opportunities and experiences available to students.

1. 1:1 Initiative. The District will continue to move forward in a quest to kickoff the 1:1 initiative in the spring of 2014. This initiative will allow all students in grades 9-12 to be equipped with a device yet to be named. This technology will allow students to access the information they will need to enhance their education anytime, anywhere.

What Is Job #1?
Board Vision
Excellent Customer Service
Creating lifelong learners through igniting interest for learning
Culture of collaboration and data use
All children can learn mentality
Invest in staff and students
Community Involvement and Engagement
All focused on same goals pulling in the same direction
Public relations and transparency
High student achievement
Rigorous staff hiring process
Teacher/Student connections
High standards and accountability
Parent Involvement
Be proactive vs. reactive in all areas
Set Neosho expectations high don't worry about neighboring Districts
Leadership Team functioning as a team
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