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To what extent has Steven Berkoff changed British Theatre through other practitioners processes and ideas?


Billie-Jade Whiles

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of To what extent has Steven Berkoff changed British Theatre through other practitioners processes and ideas?

By Billie, Emily, Harry,
Shirley and Steph To what extent has Steven Berkoff changed British Theatre by using other practitioners processes and ideas? Jacques Lecoq Artaud's influence
on Metamorphosis In conclusion... Mime


Ensemble Acting Artaud Both Berkoff and Artaud shared visionary dreams

Language / text was not paramount

Physicality was essential Mime and movement from Lecoq

Physicality and the isolation of audience from Becht / Artaud

Total Theatre with more visual from Artaud

Developing theatre at the same time as Grotowski "The skills of psychic projection, demoniacal power, movement, acrobatics, mime or wider vocal range are now barely needed. Fidelity to reality has become the criterion of excellence, we have now moved from illumination to deception"
- Berkoff Lecoq's Influence
on Metamorphosis "Acting is for me the closest metaphor to human sacrifice on stage" - Berkoff

Mime was employed to go beyond the surface of superficiality.
Berkoff used Gregor / Beatle to convey the idea of a human trapped in a bad situation. "Instead of harping back to texts regarded as sacred and definite, we must first break theatre's subjugation to the text and rediscover a kind of unique language somewhere in between gesture and thought"
- Artaud Berkoff use of various performance elements to convey a message to the audience ties in with Artuad's manifesto on the Theatre of Cruelty Halfway between thought and gestures. Jacques Lecoq Gestures In your companies
No speaking
Using Gesture Remember your physicality! Steven Berkoff
1937 - Present Writer, Director and Actor "My mind is more interested in states of mind than states of the economy or the class war" -Berkoff East (1975
A Clockwork Orange (1971)
He's also appeared on Doctor Who and Playstation game voiceovers Artaud Exaggeration The power to evoke an emotional response Sounds of pleasure
Sounds of hatred
Using hello Jerzy Grotowski Very similar to Berkoff
Creating works around the same time
Influenced by the same people
Key interest in Psychology of people. Brecht Epic Theatre Brecht's influence on Metamorphosis Steven Berkoff Read the text round the group. Every word is important.
Choose the word you think is the most important in your line or section.
Speak the word around the group one at a time.
Face out from the circle and practice physicalising the action of the word.
Practice vocalising the word.
Put the two together.
Reform circle and perform your word.
Perform with just the action.
Perform with just the word but put the same amount of energy into the word.
Perform the word again. This time pick up the energy from the previous person as in the earlier clapping exercise.
Do from 4-10 with all the words in your section. Pause between each word. I liked hanging from the ceiling. It was better than the floor – one breaths more freely – and I can swing and rock backwards and forwards, forwards and backwards – I feel so light, and I can see the hospital across the street – all I can see from the floor is a drab, grey sky – I so much wanted to see my mother – it’s so long since I have seen her – perhaps I am too hideous ever to see her again. Modern Day Companies using these techniques DV8
COMPLICITE Berkoffian Aesthetic Movements are over exaggerated and distorted, this allows you to examine the social structure Costume and visual association Set as a spectacle Music, lighting, choral speaking Strange life on stage Artauds spacial awareness Creating a grotesque atmosphere Antonin Artaud (1977) The Theatre and it’s double.Calder 23-48
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