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The Giver Utopian Community Project

No description

funtor valero

on 18 January 2015

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Transcript of The Giver Utopian Community Project

The lost city of Atlantis
The ten laws in my community:

1. No person is allowed to hurt another person on purpose.
2. Everyone has the freedom of speech.
3. Everyone has the right to express themselves.
4. At age 16 you are required get a job.
5. At age 20 you get a house that you design and can add to the house at anytime, .
6. You are need to go to school for 20 years.
The Laws

The subjects that students are being taught Science, Math, Language Arts, History, and Computers.

Education serve the community by keeping The lost community of Atlantis as sharp as ever.

The classes will all ways be fun and active.
The people in your family will be true blood.

The family are going to be neither matriarchal or patriarchal.

you can have has many kids as you want, because it is you family.

everyone in the family will live together until the kids are 20 and get a new home.
The people have their own houses but they live with their Moms and Dads until they are 20.

Houses are decorated and planned by the family and the giver regulates how big the houses get.

I design the houses like this because people should need to have their freedom of choice.
The giver:
Hold the memoirs of the community.
The the ones that are brave a enough.
The giver will choose.
The giver will pass down the memoirs to the next giver.

To stop bad people.
The one that want to help protect people.
People who choose to.
By practicing what they need to do.
To save people lives.
People without a light stomach.
They choose it them self.
Trained on a fake person.

Fire fighter:
Save people from fire.
Strong people.
They will choose.
With fake fires.
To teach others.
Anyone who like kids.
Anyone who want to.
By knowing here lesson plan.
The Giver Utopian Community Project
BY: Victor Valero
The Laws
7. Freedom of the press.
8. Must obey all traffic signs.
9. Do not offend anyone.
10. To believe in the impossible.

My community is a Monarchy.

The Giver will make the law of the community.

When someone break, the is punishment will fit the crime.
The lost money
People can get around by buses or car when 18.
There will be different seasons.
There will be both pet and wild animals.
So that there will be animals every were.
It is as advanced as it is today, but the city has a cloaking devices.
Recreation is after work and on weekends, people do what they want, the government does not control what they do, and it is like what people in my community now.
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