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Cells amusement park!

Thank you

Roy Paul

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Cells amusement park!

Park Grounds
Our Restrooms
When you need to use the restrooms, you could conveniently find one in any corner! We constantly clean our restrooms to make sure that you can use the restroom without any doubts. In both the male and females restroom, there is a station where you could change your young baby's diaper. We also have an good amount of toilets so that you wouldn't have to wait in line.
Hours of operation:
Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m
Walls of the Park
The walls are like boundaries that surrounds the park. The walls of the park are important because without them, anyone could enter the park even without a ticket. People are forced buy a ticket, since there is no way through the park except the gates.
Gates of the Park
The purpose of the gates are to let people in or out of the amusement park. You can only go in the park using the entrance gate and you need a ticket or a season pass to get in the park. The exit gate is used when visitors are ready to leave the park.
We all know we get hungry all the time, especially when you're having a blast. In Universal Cells, there are countless food choices that you can eat. There are restaurants and food stands that you could see throughout the park.
Our Tour Guides
If you are new to our park or need directions, our team of tour guides could help you. They could give you a tour around the park and even show you some of our many attractions.
The visitors - YOU!
The visitors, including you, are always welcome to come to our park. You are what keep our business running. Without our visitors, we wouldn't have such an exiting park.
Welcome to
Universal Cell!

Park information
7272 Markham Road, Mississauga, ON L6Y 5M5
Park Phone Number:
Ticket Prices:
Adult: $30.00
Kids(8 to 12): $10.00
Kids(7 and below) and Seniors get in free!
Season Pass: $80.00
Parking : $5.00
The gates of the park resemble the cell membrane, since both purposes are similar. The cell membrane controls the passage of materials in or out of the cell.
Just like the walls of the park, the cell wall surrounds the cell and the cell membrane. Other functions of the cell wall are to provide strength and support to the cell.
The catering could represent the both the Endoplasmic reticulum and the ribosomes because they both help and produce proteins
If you have any problems while you're in the park, our guest services center is pleased to help you. They could help you get your to your destination, find your lost belongings, and announce anything that would be going on in the park. Guest services also help other employees throughout the park.
Guest services are similar to the nucleus since the guest service is like a center where people could go to for directions, the nucleus would control and give directions to all of the organelles.
The visitors of the park resemble the mitochondria because the visitors pay money, which would allow us to use that money to keep the park running and while the mitochondria releases stored energy and uses it to fuel all of its activities just as the money would fuel the park.
The restroom resembles the lysosome because like the lysosome, the restroom would digest human waste, while the lyososome breaks down all types of waste in the cell.
On our 300 acre land, there are big and exhilarating roller coasters for you to enjoy. For the younger children, we have less heart racing rides, but still very entertaining. For the entire family, we have a huge water park for all to enjoy! All of this is held up by a very big and strong block of cement that would never break down. Along with a paving of bricks.
Parks grounds resemble the cytoplasm because since the park grounds holds everything up, the cytoplasm holds up all the organelles and supports them.
The tour guides have a similar job as the Golgi Apparatus. The Golgi Apparatus delivers proteins throughout the cell. Just like how a tour guide would take a group and take them to places.
To make keep our park green and clean, we decided to put garbage cans and recycle bins so that you may recycle all of your bottles or cans, and throw out your dirty stuff like your used napkins.
The trash cans and recycle bins represent the the Vacuole because the Vacuole stores food, waste and other substances.
The Drop Tower
We have just added a new ride into our park. The name of this ride is "The Drop Tower". The Drop Tower slowly rises up, and once you reach the top of the tower, it descends at the speed of 70 mph. But it doesn't drop you down all the way, it has stops 3/4 of the way and ascends up and then drops down again.
The "Drop Tower" would resemble diffusion because at the bottom of the tower, there is an area of higher concentration of air, but as you ascend you would reach an area of a lower concentration of air. Just as in diffusion, it goes from an area of lower or concentration to an area of higher concentration.
New Additions!
Blue H2o Bay
Since we've added a new ride in our park, we felt like we needed to add something into our water park. We decided to come up with something called the
"Blue H2o Bay"!
The "Blue H2o Bay" is a wave pool but with a twist! In the beginning of the pool, it is not deep but if you keep walking toward the end, the water will get deeper. This pool is very large and it is a good place to swim with your family and friends.
Guest Services
Blue H2o Bay
Food court
Drop Tower
Site Map
The "Blue H2o Bay" represent osmosis because osmosis moves from an area of a high concentration to a lower concentration. Just like the "Blue H2o Bay" water moves deeper.
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