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the amazing world of snowflakes ?

No description

J Kostenbader

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of the amazing world of snowflakes ?

What are Snowflakes ?
Snowflakes are not frozen raindrops ,snowflakes are many crystals stuck together .Small Snowflakes are called dust crystals .
History of snowflakes !
the largest snowflake ever found in the world was 38 centimeters wide and 15inches high .
How are snowflakes formed ?
Snowflakes are formed in the clouds . Snowflakes never form with the same shape that why after capturing more than 5,000 snowflakes Wilson Bentley did not even find 2 equal snowflakes
For what i think snowflakes are one of the most beautiful things in the world .
The Amazing World Of Snowflakes ?
by: Giuliana Mannino 5-505
Snowflakes are in danger becouse if too much trees are cut down the earth is gonna be more hot and there would not be enough cold for snowflakes to form
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