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Internal and external conflict

Analyzing the development of plot throughvinternal and external responses of the character through motivation and confli

Heidi W

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Internal and external conflict

Analyze the development of the plot through the internal or external responses of the character through motivation and conflict. Group: Zane, Heidi, Alec, and Jennifer External conflict: a problem that happens around you - whether it's at school or at home. It sometimes involves you, but not always. External is a physical conflict. An internal conflict is a problem or concern that is happening inside of you - somebody hurt your feelings, you're really stressed out, etc. It involves your thoughts. How can motivation help solve a conflict? Discussion question:
What is conflict? Basically, it's just a problem,
a contradiction or disagreement. Discussion Question:
What is motivation? It's basically inspiration, a cause, or encouragement. Discussion Question:
What is plot? How does a character in a book feel - internally and externally - as they are leading up to the Conflict? There are different types of external conflict. 4. man vs. supernatural - you are against something you cannot control, such as fate, destiny, a horse - that's a joke. 3. man vs. society - you are bothered by something that is happening in the society (it's pretty self-explanatory) 2. man vs. nature - nature has damaged a person or their belongings - can be things such as tornado, hurricane, tsunami, etc. 1.man vs. man - you're angry at someone or something like that For example: Internal conflict is kind of like man vs. self. click here at Time - 1:40 In other words,
Responses of a character through internal
and external conflict and motivation. There is also internal and external motivation. Internal motivation is motivation inside yourself,
while external motivation is another person motivating you. For example, if Ms. Green is really hungry, that would motivate her to get some food. However, if Sanne was yelling at her
that she needed to get some food, that would be external motivation. On the back of your second worksheet, give three examples of each kind of motivation not used in this prezi. This will be 6 extra bonus points - one for each.
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