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Bronx Masquerade: Extended Study Pt.1

No description

Kendrick Cherry

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Bronx Masquerade: Extended Study Pt.1

Bronx Masquerade: Extended Study DAILY STARTER Ponder momentarily and Create an overall THEME for the text "Bronx Masquerade." ANTICIPATORY SET Objective: TSWBAT determine the elements of a multi-genre text.

Purpose: It is important for students to recognize and understand literary elements across a variety of literary texts. OBJECTIVE & PURPOSE TEXT COMPREHENSION: "Bronx Masquerade" DIRECT INSTRUCTION Correct the sentences: GUIDED PRACTICE INDEPENDENT PRACTICE Complete Questions Four through Six. CLOSURE Discuss how the six strategies can be applied to the text. HOMEWORK - Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

- See your on report card day! :-) 1.that hot rod is the noisier vehicul on my block

2.after james and tamara cleened the garage grandma gave them five dollars

3.duz his cuzin lives in unother sity

4.the childrens valubles were storeed in the teachers closet Express how you came to this conclusion and reasoning I will, today!
Our Class’s Declaration Today will be a great, productive day. I know this because I’m the only one that determines my altitude. I will learn and review skills that will enable me to succeed. My background does not limit or stop me; my peers cannot block me. I will continue to work towards my great destiny. Regardless of the day’s challenges, I will do it today! “You are kind.

You are smart.

You are important.”


- From the movie, “The Help”
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