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Global Warming

Reducing Fish Size

Will Martin

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Global Warming

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Macey Martin Global Warming & Its Impact on Fish Size Global Warming and Its Effect on
the Ocean Temperature Increased Ocean Temperatures Earth's Total Heat Content
1960-2010 When humans burn fossil fuels, it causes global warming.
Global warming makes oceans warmer, and warmer oceans have less oxygen than cold ones. Research Researchers looked at more than 600 species of fish around the world and used computer modeling to determine how the lower availability of oxygen would affect them. More than 75% of the species are expected to see a loss in size.
How you can help. Walking more
Turn off energy consuming things when not in use (ex. lights, TV, computers, etc...)
Embrace solar energy
Fuel efficient/electric/hybrid vehicles.
It is has been reported that by the year 2050, fish will have decreased in size due to the effects of global warming. The following are reported reasons for this proposed outcome. 2000 2050 www.skepticalscience.com Ocean - Oxygen - Fishy Facts As ocean depth increases, available oxygen decreases
Colder water has more oxygen than warmer water
Bigger fish require more oxygen to survive when compared to little fish
Growing fish require more oxygen, when available oxygen decreases, growth stops. http://lightyears.blogs.cnn.com Percent Decrease by Ocean
Indian Ocean (24%), Atlantic (20%) and Pacific (14%) I wish we could cool the ocean, but that will not work, so we need to focus on the SOURCE of the problem.
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