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Social Benefits of Public Speaking

No description

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Social Benefits of Public Speaking

Public speaking is crucial to democracy
Ancient Greeks counted on it
First Amendment to the US Constitution has a free speech clause for a reason....speech is relevant!
Greek academy included rhetoric.
Rhetoric: The art of speaking effectively.
Public Speaking as a Social Art
: The discovery and selection of ideas, themes, and lines of argument
: The placement of these ideas in appropriate order
: The expression of these ideas in effective language
: The storage of these ideas in the mind for recall during speaking
: The presentation of the ideas to an audience
Cicero's Five Great Arts of Rhetoric
Aristotle's three forms of Public Address
Social Benefits of Public Speaking
John Felton, Elli Murray, Leo Hargette, Chris Bennett
Classical Appeals
: Logic used as a form of evidence to prove your point
: Appealing to the audience's emotional side to the audience
: The audience trusts the speakers credibility.
: Legal type (speeches that argue guilt and or innocence... i.e. Lawyers)
: Speeches that debate politics in a legislative setting( i.e. Congressional)
: Speeches that celebrate special occasions. (i.e. those "I propose a toast" things)
Aristotle's Structure
: This gains the audiences attention and makes a clear purpose for the speech
: This provides the speakers message
: This goes over the main points and leads them to make a decision at the end
Skit/Activity: Do you Know the Classical Appeals? Or nah?
Reminder of the Classical Appeals
Logos: Logic used as a form of evidence to prove your point
Pathos: Appealing to the audience's emotional side to the audience
Ethos: The audience trusts the speakers credibility.

Scenario: Why you should/should not donate money to shelter dogs.

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