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No description

Stephanie Knorowski

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Reading

Today's Learning Target
I can argue my position on an issue.
Is reading still as important today as it was in the past? Why or why not?
Choose a spokesperson
Help spokesperson come up with argument to represent the entire group
"No" group goes first
"Yes" group goes second
...but it is hard!
"Practice makes perfect"

"Light reading became a stepping stone to further reading. Increased reading proficiency and fluency makes it possible for students to read more complex material. They often choose light reading for independent reading because they enjoy it, and they become more fluent readers in the process" (Feitelson and Goldstein).
Children who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school than their peers, according to new research from the Institute of Education (IOE).
...but it is boring!
Read about topics that are interesting to you!
Self Education
Reading Logs
- Go to "websites" tab and click on the links to find articles
- As time goes on, I will update and add articles that I think are interesting (even after I leave).
...I am the reading witch who will haunt you forever.
You may switch sides at any time if your opinion changes.
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