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Copy of Meeting with Gov. Gen. Emilio Terrero

No description

bless mae nellas

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Meeting with Gov. Gen. Emilio Terrero

Rizal and Gov. Gen. Emilio Terrero
Archbishop of Manila, Msgr. Pedro Payo, sent a copy of the novel to
Fr.Rector Gregorio Echevarria
Examined through the committee
of a faculty

Gen. Emilio Terrero

invited Rizal in Malacañang to
explain about the novel

Rizal denied the accusations

“exposed the truth, not to advocate subversive ideas
Novel was reported as


scandalous content,

anti patriotic
subversive of public order,

injurious to government of Spain,

harmful to the government of Spain in the Philippines Islands as regards to the political order

People became interested of the novel
"punish those people who were found to have the novelas as a sign of support to their call of imposing harsh measures against violators"
by : Nellas, Bless Mae
Governor General was dissatisfied
As a result the, Gov.
Gen. submitted the novel
to the
Commission of Censorship
composed of priest and
laymen for
further investigation
and verification.
Findings showed the
the same
"the importation, reproduction and circulation of the book in the islands be absolutely prohibited"
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