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Office Relocation Analysis

No description

Carolina Lewitan

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Office Relocation Analysis

By creating an
excellent work environment How?
We are
growing at a fast
speed & facing new challenges In a CHANGING world By making the best of our dedicated employees By recruiting, training
and hiring new talents By implementing new ways of doing things If we want the best and the brightest minds in our team, we should think about our employees’ Wellness Relax Room Balcony Huge Window Possible open
floor plant Outdoor
Terrace Kitchen Big
room Kitchen Huge Window Data Center Nice furniture in the entrance Workplace reflects corporate culture with a DEMANDING market we need to constantly
IMPROVE and UPGRADE $30.906 Congreso Current Rental Contract Cost: Final Contract Costs La Pampa St. Current Total: USD 288,087 Monthly Rent 1st year/month: USD 6.074.-

USD 6.377.-

USD 6.696.- USD 7.000.-

USD 7.700.-

USD 8.470.- 3rd year/month: 2nd year/month: La Pampa St. Current 1st year: USD 18.- USD 12.85- 3rd year: 2nd year: Cost Sqm per month: Changes open new opportunities
and bring new life into an organization La Pampa 4389 Office: 1 Excellent location: in Belgrano "R" (Residential area)
- Nice nighbourhood
- 5 blocks from subway B
- No big change in commute for the team 3 164% more carpet SqM (current: 282sqm vs La Pampa: 745sqm) 4 Excellent ratio of windows per square meter. 5 Current internet servicies available. 6 Outdoor Terrace (88 sqm) + other open areas (55 sqm). 7 Availability in 4 months 8 It will seduce new talents to work with us. a great opportunity to upgrade Ballroom Let us take a look at the floor plans Ground floor 1st floor We would like to improve our... - According to the legislation a minimum of 8 sqm per person are required. La Pampa St. Current Restyle Cost: USD 258,000 - Security Deposit: Commission: $13,200 $15,246 $12,121 $14,000 Rental Contract Cost La Pampa St. Current Total: $25,321 $30,087 Refundable after completing the contract. Legality Sealed
of the contract: - $841 USD 25,321 USD 30,087 USD 25,321 3 Work space: 1 Lighting: - Natural light has been shown to improve worker productivity 2 Ventilation "The workplace community has influenced employees' decision to join an organization, to stay with one, and to commit themselves more to their work," explains Sally Davis, director at Sanders & Sydney - Light affects our mood and behavior resulting in happier workers, less absenteeism, and fewer illnesses In the current office we have 5,6 sqm per person. In the new one we would have 10,75 sqm per person. Health and Safety law 19.587/72 (decree 351/79 chapter 18) 9 It will improve our company image (status) - US ratios are similar to those in New Zealand, at around 15-16sqm per worker We are convinced that... We need this change and we USD 19.- USD 20.- USD 14.13- USD 15.55- This investment will return daily We should not let this opportunity pass us by This is a one-time opportunity and this is the right time to do it do want it! 2 151% more SqM (current: 342 sqm vs La Pampa: 860 sqm) We are USD 4711 away Terrace Outdoor Area Open Floor Plant Restrooms Restrooms Open Floor Plant Open Area Meeting Room Dining Room Terrace
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