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Value - test

Mike Gast

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Value

Customer Health Our Focus is Simple... We Provide Technical Leadership To Customers
Around the World To Promote Health in Their IT Environment "Michael DeVoe has systemically
blown each person's mind in their
own area of expertise." Technical Expertise & Leadership Knowledge Transfer Community "I was really pleased with the value
we gained from Rod's onsite workshop
last week...I really think that we
gained sufficient value last week to
make our Premier Agreement well worth
the investment." Onsite, Remote,
Dedicated or
We can help We can provide value
to your organization How... Upgrade Assistance & Best Practices "I can't really imagine doing
one of these upgrades without
you guys."
Strategic Planning Testing Proactive "...we did not experience any
issues with this past weekend’s installation and activation of the Analytical Accounting module in Dynamics GP...thanks in large part to Jeff’s work in getting us prepared beforehand."
"It worked out great to
have you (Microsoft) test
our upgrade in your lab...
and gives us the confidence
to upgrade to CRM 4." Performance Optimization Architecture Guidance Your Single Point of Contact Your Trusted Advisor We Can Help www.twitter.com/DynamicsPFE Your Technical Resource For All Things Dynamics Follow Us Microsoft Premier Field Engineering PFEDynamics.com
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