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Hydrologic Alterations in the NJ Wetlands

period 5

Bella Moran

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Hydrologic Alterations in the NJ Wetlands

By: Bella Moran The Problem Three Possible Causes of
Hydrologic Alterations How It Affects the
"Spheres" A Solution to the Problem of
Hydrologic Alterations My solution of regulating or reducing what can be done to the land and water positively impacts the:

...biosphere by hurting the animal life less
...geosphere by causing less damage to the surrounding land and plants
...hydrosphere by improving the water quality due to less chemicals in it
...atmosphere by having less pollutant-causing
developments on the land Hydrologic alterations affect the New Jersey Wetlands negatively because they cause the water table to saturate the soil for a certain amount of time each year. This change can cause the plants' chemistry and damage the plant and animal communities. Also, the water is
impacted as well because unnatural materials are being drained into it for development, farming, and
mosquito control. Hydrologic alterations are caused by:

-blocking the water tide/flow to or from the
-altering the water and land for navigation and
flood control
-diking and damming to form lakes and rivers -H.A. affect the biosphere by limiting or destroying
the homes of and possible food for animals in the area.
-H.A. affect the geosphere by adding unnatural
materials to the land, adding pollutants to the water,
and altering the land for reasons that aren't necessary.
-H.A. affect the hydrosphere by polluting the water
with fillers, as well as chemicals used for mosquito
-H.A. affect the atmosphere by allowing the land
to be developed on, adding more pollutants
into the air. A solution that seems the most reasonable is to stop or regulate how the land is altered and what is deposited into the water. The development of the land and water is destroying the homes and food of the inhabitants of the area. The chemicals that are being put into water is doing this as well. If we just at least regulate how it's being altered, the affects of these hydrologic alterations would be less damaging to the ecosystem or life of the wetlands. It
would help lessen the amount of habitats and
animal life that is being damaged or killed. How my Solution Positively
Impacts the "Spheres" Hydrologic Alterations in the NJ Wetlands How my Solution Negatively
Impacts the "Spheres" My solution of regulating or reducing what can be done to the land and water negatively impacts the:
...biosphere by changing how their environment is now, so
they have to adapt to the (even positive) changes
...geosphere by still possibly allowing some sort of chemical to
be spread onto the land or allowing it to be filled, changed,
and built on
...hydrosphere by also having the possibility of a pollutant, such
as a mosquito control, to be still allowed to be put into the
water, even if it's just a small amount
...atmosphere by still having developments on the land
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