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International Business Environment

No description

James Bugden

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of International Business Environment

Atasi Das
Saumitra Chakraborty
Ravi Desai
Tom Wallace
Jalan Bukit Seng
Brett Harrison
Age: 45
Languages: Hindi & English
Culture: Indian Family
Education: Majored in International Management
Personal Life: Unmarried - No Children
TCT Experience: 16 Years
- Moved Between Business Departments - Including Assistant Director
Performance Rating: Excellent
Languages: English
Culture: American - No International Work Experience
Personal Life: Married - 3 Grown Children - Living in USA
- Retire in 7 Years
TCT Experience: 30 Year Veteran - Technical and Sales Expertise
- Manages U.S. Based Operation - Little Larger than TCT USA
Performance Rating: Excellent
Age: 33
Languages: Hindi, English & Kannada
Culture: Indian Native and Citizen
Education: Graduated from Small Private University
Personal Life: Unmarried - No Children
TCT Experience: Assistant to the Parting Director
- Successfully Increased Sales
Performance Rating - Operations - Competent
Customer Relationship Management - Exceptional
Age: 35
Languages: English & Hindi
Culture: Indian Native and Citizen
Education: MBA from Prestigious Indian Institute of Management
Personal Life: Married - 2 Children - Ages 2 & 7
TCT Experience: 10 Year Veteran
- Currently Assistant Managing Director - Worked in Various Operational Slots
Performance Rating: Likely Future Director of Indian Operation
Age: 52
Languages: Malay, English, Mandarin & Tamil
Culture: Citizen of Singapore - Worked Also in Malaysia
Education: M.B.A from National University of Singapore
Personal Life: Unmarried - No Children
TCT Experience: Managing Director of Assembly Operation (Malaysia)
Performance Rating: Consistently Positive - Periodic Ranking of Excellent
Age: 44
Languages: English
Culture: American - Visited India & Asia - Familiar with Politics & Customs
Personal Life: Married - 2 Children - 14 & 16
- Wife is a Mid-Level Executive for Multinational Pharmaceuticals Company
TCT Experience: 15 Year Veteran
- Line Activity Manager & Run Supervision of Staff
Performance Rating: Highly Competent
- Poised to Move into Upper-Level Management
International Business Environment Presentation
Group 9

Kiran H
Clemence R
James B
Trung N

Meeting Agenda
TCT stands for Tel - Comm -Tek. It is a company that produces small office equipment in 12 countries
It has been in India every since the 90's
Increased sales led TCT India to open a marketing subsidiary in New Dehli
TCT is building a new factory in Bengaluru
A managing director is needed to oversee this
The following case study is about viewing six candidates for the position of the managing director.
Question 1
Identify the advantages of each candidate. Identify their liabilities. Order the candidates from high to low
Question 2
What challenges might the person you recommend encounter if named the managing director?
Question 3
How might the person you recommended minimize those challenges?
Question 4
What guidelines do you advise TCT to follow in designing the compensation package?
Compensation Package
Question 5
Referring to matrix structures - Do you see any benefit to appointing two individuals to the same post? For example one individual would direct internal affairs, while the other would manage external affairs. What might be the likely benefits and problems with this arrangement?
Inexperience of managing a firm of the scale of TCT India.

Success in home country is necessary but no means a sufficient basis for success abroad.

Outmoded labour laws

High tariff barriers on imports

Enforcing intellectual property rights

Operational Inexperience

Geocentric company framework
Hiring appropriate and highly skilled assistants and managers

Utilize current strengths and resources to aid performance.

Alternative hiring strategy - US citizens

Source and buy factor inputs locally as technological progression in India increases

Expanding & improving the legal department

Hiring a technically experience US expatriate - Mr. Kent

Every company requires a framework - Must utilize its strengths
Compensation Package

Key Issue:
- Motivation Vs Spiraling Costs
- Strong positive correlation between pay and performance
- Average cost for expatriate = $1.3 million

Compensation Plan Design
- Balance Sheet Approach
- Salary Structure that equalizes purchasing power across countries so living standards do not vary
- Potential choices = Home-Based, HQ Based & Host Based

- Fine-tunes expatriate compensation by basing it ont he prevailing pay scales of the foreign locale.
- Start with basic salary - add negotiated premiums, allowances, benefits and compensation
- Reduces tension between the expat and host country colleagues
- Improves companies return on investment.
Matrix Structure
How may this affect TCT

The benefits:
* Individuals are chosen according to the needs of the project.
* Authority and responsibility can be divided out and coordinated
* More dynamic team.
* Removed boundaries allow for easier communication
* Democratic leadership style

The disadvantages:
* Employees may compete, threatening collaboration
* Can result in internal complexity
* Miscommunication and ineffective management can create dissatisfaction and low morale
* Expensive to maintain. Administrative and managerial overhead costs increase.
* Sharing employees can cause unhealthy competition and conflict between managers.
* Independence may make then the project more difficult to manage or monitor
* People may need to learn new skills and quickly address certain issues
* No one in charge
* Problems coordinating responsibilities and resources.
* The length of time in which a final consensus is formed is prolonged, as there are two superiors.
International Experience
Good operational Skills
Good understanding of the laws, politics
Local language spoken
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