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The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

No description

Edward Seo

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle
Character Analysis
Edward Seo

Charlotte is the main character of the book. She is from the high class society, with a lot of manners a lady would have, like wearing fancy girl clothing, not doing men's work, and having a variety of very good manners. Everything is turned around when she boards the voyage, since everyone on the voyage is rough, has no manners, and is from the low class, except for the captain. After the voyage ends, she changes a lot. She treats everyone as if they're the same, and she talks freely, which was unusual for a girl who was from a high class society. In fact, she enjoys her new personality, that at the end of the story, she runs away back to the ship, where she originally had experienced a time where she had been free as she could.
I think the author chose this name for Charlotte because her name because the name sound calm, quiet, and fits for a girl who is obedient and kind.
-On page 102, ""Sobbing in absolute misery, I threw myself onto my bed. I wept for Zachariah..." This quote shows that Charlotte made friends with the lower class even though her parents told her not to.
-On page 1, "I certainly wanted to be a lady. It was not just my ambition; it was my destiny. I embraced it wholly, gladly, with not an untoward thought of anything else." This shows the way Charlotte wanted to be before he boards the Seahawk.
Captain Jaggery is the captain of the ship that Charlotte boards during the voyage. He is the antagonist of the story. He does not believe in democracy aboard the ship. Captain Jaggery blames Charlotte for murdering the first mate Mr. Hollybrass when he had actually killed the first mate. This shows the how cruel Captain Jaggery is.
The name Jaggery sounds like a name for someone who has no mercy for anyone, and also gives a feeling of uneasiness.
-On page 98, "Again Hollybrass hesitated, eyebrows arched in question. "Captain," he said, "fifty lashes seem..." "Fifty," the captain insisted, "Start!" This clearly shows that Captain Jaggery is fearless and that he doesn't show any mercy to anyone

-He spoke the name Jaggery as if it were something positively loathsome . Page 10 This shows how Captain Jaggery acts.
Zachariah is the cook of the boat, who first attempted to befriend Charlotte. He is very helpful to anyone he sees that needs help. He tries to help Charlotte all the time, and gives her a load of advice during the voyage. He is very caring and gives Charlotte the dirk which is the knife for protection. He also made Charlotte be the captain by the end of the book. The name Zachariah is the name of a disciple of Jesus. A disciple was a caring and helpful person for Jesus and that is what Zachariah did to Charlotte.
-On page 156, " To help you," the voice said." This shows that even though Zachariah was almost dead that when he was in good condition he came back to check and tried to help Charlotte as much as possible.

-On page 25, " No, no! Miss Doyle. Don't misunderstand! I only wish to give you the knife as protection." This shows that even though Zachariah barely knew Charlotte, he was caring enough to give her a knife for the future.

Cranick used to be the first mate on the Seahawk, until Captain Jaggery cut his arm off because Cranick has displeased him. Cranick hides underboard the ship, and starts the mutiny. When the mutiny occurs, Cranick is the one who first starts talking to Captain Jaggery, with anyone not daring to say a word. This shows the bravery of Cranick.
Cranick's name is not a ordinary name, it stands out. This fits perfectly for Cranick, because Cranick stands out from the rest because of bravery.
-On page 91, "we've got a round robin her, which declares you unfit to be the captain of the Seahawk." Even though this was when he died, it still shows the encouragement and bravery Cranick had to tell Captain Jaggery
to step down.

-On page 39, " He was that much beaten by Captain Jaggery, who, as he said himself, took the arm. I was first surgeon, then carpenter to Mr. Cranick" This was said by Zachariah. but it proves the bravery he had to tell the captain his thoughts.


-On page 26, "Then I heard. "The only one I could get to come, sir is the Doyle girl. And with them looking up, I had to put on a bit of a show about wanting to keep her off." This shows that Keetch was on Captain Jaggery's side instead of the crew's side.

-On page 26, "Then I heard. "The only one I could get to come, sir is the Doyle girl. And with them looking up, I had to put on a bit of a show about wanting to keep her off. Quite all right, Mr.Keetch. If there has to be only one, she's the trump. With her as witness, they'll not dare move. I'm well satisfied." This shows that Mr.Keetch was on Captain Jaggery's side from the very beginning of the voyage.
- On page 30, "One crew short, Hollybrass." Captain Jaggery hollered... Give me your names," Hollybrass barked." This shows the limited amount of freedom that there is on the ship. Captain Jaggery has complete power and has the ability to boss anyone around in his own very unique way.

Keetch is the second mate of the book. He first appears at the beginning of the story when he "warns" Charlotte to get to another boat. This hints that he may betry someone. At the end of the story, he really betrays Zachariah and Charlotte when he tells the captain about their plans, while telling Zachariah and Charlotte he was to help
them carry out their plans.
The name Keetch sounds like a name for someone who is sly. The name also seems not that much fir for someone who is that
Hollybrass is the new first mate after Cranick. He is like literally Captain Jaggery's servant at the beginning of the story. Hollybrass all of a sudden fights with Captain Jaggery, making Captain Jaggery mad, causing him to kill him. He is very obedient, doing things right away.
The name Hollybrass sounds like a great name for someone who is EXTREMELY obedient, and does things right away. the part of the name that says 'brass" makes it sound like as if he is really mannered.
- Page 207, "What you have written is rubbish of the worst taste. Stuff for penny dreadfuls! Beneath contempt. Charlotte, your spelling is a disgrace, and the grammar....is beyond belief!" My father roared." This shows how Mr.Doyle thought her journal was disgraceful. As I said, he did not show any love or care towards Charlotte, after her voyage.

-On page 218, "Charlotte, you musn't contradict your father," my mother whispered. This shows the power the dad holds and that he can blow up once you speak back
to him. It's kind of based on the loyal
manners system.
- On page 7, it shows how Mr. Grummage looked. "Dressed in a black frock coat with a stove pipe hat that added to his considerable height. His somber, sallow face registered into no emotion."

-Another quote on the same page was a simile of his appearance said by Charlotte, "His eyes might have been as those of a dead fish."
Mr. Doyle is Charlotte's dad. He really believes in obedience, manners, and other things, like education. Charlotte's dad appears at the end of the story, and gets really angry Charlotte's diary entry, because of the spelling and grammar mistakes. Mr. Doyle is a big believer in education. Also, he does not show any love or care ot any of his children. for instance, he just starts screaming at Charlotte about her journal when she gets back, while a better father would have comforted her.
The last name Doyle makes something sound a bit mannerly. Doyle was a common last name in the old days for high classed people.
Mr. Grummage only appears at the beginning of the story, because he is the one who escorts Charlotte to the Seahawk. He is very impatient, and gets irritated when Charlotte had asked questions. He is also very quick-tempered. He has no emotion to anything.
The name "Grummage" sounds fit for someone who gets grumpy really easily. It also seems fit for someone who is grumpy all the time.

Fact #1- Zachariah gave the dirk to Charlotte as a use for protection throughout the voyage.
Fact #2- The crew did not support Charlotte during her unfair trial because she thought they have chosen sides to protect Zachariah instead of her.
Fact #3- At the beginning of the story, Charlotte had first accepted Captain Jaggery’s friendship first, while not accepting Zachariah’s friendship fully.
Fact #4- Charlotte had changed dramatically from the beginning to the end of the story as first being proper lady, to a low- classed like girl which she could talk and do as she pleased.

3 facts and Fib
Which One’s a lie??
To the 3 Facts and a Fib...
Charlotte's theory was false- the real reason they had not helped Charlotte during the trial was because they were scared of Captain Jaggery.
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