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Huck Finn's Journey

A map of the journey in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Bree Stock

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Huck Finn's Journey

By: Sabrina Stock The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn St. Petersburg - Widow Douglas' House Pikesville As Huck and Jim sail down the Missisppi River, it is foggy out, which causes them to miss the Ohio River. The four of them stop at Pikesville for a day, and the king sells Jim. Huck tries to rescue Jim, and meanwhile, Tom Sawyer shows up! Together they plan a way to free Jim, but end up learning that Ms. Watson had died and freed Jim in her will. Also, Huck found out that the dead man in the house he had previously seen was his father, and then is adopted by Tom's Aunt Sally. And So The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Begin... St. Petersburg ---
Widow Douglas' House At Widow Douglas' house,
Tom comes to help Huck
escaped and in the
meanwhile they play a
trick on Jim. Dad's Old Cabin by
Illinois Shore Huck Finn's Dad drags him to a cabin where Huck fakes his own death Jackson's
Island Huck escapes to Jackson's Island after faking his death, where he finds Jim and they continue on their escape. Shipwreck
(past St. Louis) Huck and Jim spot a
shipwreck and, curious,
climb aboard. On board,
they run into a mob of
people attempting to kill
a man. They get away
safely and even get
away with same loot. Misses Ohio River Grangerford's Huck stumbles upon the Grangerford's when he steps ashore to get directions to Cairo. A fight breaks out while he is staying with them and he then promptly leaves. The King and the Duke Huck and Jim run into two desperate men fleeing from an angry mob. Huck helps the two men lose the dogs and escape. Shepburn Huck witnesses the shooting of a drunk man by another man, Sherburn, who the drunk man had insulted. Arkansas Village In Arkansas Village, Huck is caught in a scam with the king and the duke. They pretend to be a dead man's brother to get the inheritance money. When he tries to rat them out and escape, they run away with him instead.
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