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Denise Jackson

on 11 April 2018

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Transcript of Resume

Denise Jackson
2755 Evergreen Drive . 406-868-1930
Great Falls, MT 59404 . deniseyj1@ gmail.com
Enjoy working for non-profits to promote social justice
Use active listening skills to hear and understand client’s wants and needs to improve marketing and communication to ensure global positioning
Masters of Communication and Leadership, 12/2013

PowerPoint Presentations, Project CRISS - Strategies and Presentations, Web Page Construction, 1994-2002

K-12 Reading Endorsement, 1995

Yearbook and Journalism Courses, 1992

Masters of Arts in Teaching, Secondary English, 1991
Bachelor’s Degree, English Literature, 1990
Created communication audit evaluating the lines of effective communication for a newly developed ecclesiastical partnership
Evaluated and analyzed the effects and of public perception through the use of information technology by creating integrated webpages for non-profit organizations: www.stannskitchen.weebly.com and greatfallsspinnersweaversguild.weebly.com
Organized local knitting group for providing free “Tit Bits”, a lightweight, comfortable knitted breast prosthetic for breast cancer survivors
On Committee searching for new Conference Minister for the Montana-Northern Wyoming Conference: sorted resumes, discussed candidates, created brochure, telephone and in person interviews
Successfully taught freshman English; reading, writing, speaking, and cognitive thinking skills using integrated technology and innovative lessons utilizing Active Learning in order to support reluctant students in the high school environment
Instructed students in fundamentals of publications, photography, advertising, and layout to publish school newspaper
Worked successfully as a team teacher, creating individual and small group student sessions in all scholastic areas of high school
Published articles
Troubleshooting,” also offered as an e-book,
“Making YouTube Videos for Spinning”,
“Helpful Websites”
Appointed to the National Committee to Improve Spin-Off Magazine
The Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership Studies is a progressively designed program designed to provide students with the "expertise for solving communication problems in modern organizations and social systems from a communication and leadership perspective". (Gonzaga.com).
Photo by Denise Jackson
Community Outreach
Spin Off Magazine - December 2010 to 2013
Contributing Writer – Loveland, CO
Served on Fellowship and Order Board assisting in planning and organizing annual Montana Association of Churches convention
Montana Association of Churches - December 2004 to Current
Bozeman, MT
Served as lay minister and led religious services including women's spiritual retreats.
Served on Search Committee for Montana/Northern Wyoming Conference Minister, assisted in publishing online conference portfolio, developing interview questions, and making decisions in determining appropriate religious leader
Produced curriculum for Pre-K – 8th grade Sunday school, standardized teacher rotation
Created church newsletter for 2 years, wrote, summarized and laid out articles
Created pictorial wall of church activities and community activities for community outreach to create a “wall of interest” for community members to examine while attending church and civic events, supported other conference congregations in creating similar photo projects
First Congregational Church of Great Falls - 2006 to 2007 (newsletter), 2007-2008 (Superintendent)
Sunday School Superintendent and Newsletter Volunteer – Great Falls, MT
Served as Co-President for 2006, Created advertisements for Guild’s 50th Anniversary fiber festival, moved spinning demonstrations to public arenas and coordinated 2006 fiber festival
Offered independent classes for students in knitting, spinning, and fiber history with individualized curriculum
Developed and trained fiber arts judges, presented judging training material to the Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners.
Taught classes on web page development and branding for fiber arts hobbyists and professionals
Developed and trained fiber arts judges, presented to the Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners.
Great Falls Spinners and Weavers Guild - December 2004 to Current
Fiber Arts Instructor and Judge – Great Falls, MT
Studio 706 Artist - 2006 to 2007
Volunteer – Great Falls, MT
Accomplished oil painter and photographer
Published Studio 706 calendar for 2006 and 2007, photographed paintings, worked with committee for artwork selection
SD #1 Great Falls Public Schools - December 1994 to December 2002
English, Publications & Title I Instructor – Great Falls, MT
English and Publications Instructor – Box Elder, MT
Successfully developed and taught grades 8-12 English using Active Learning to support Native American belief system
Instructed students in fundamentals in publications, photography, advertising, and layout to publish school newspaper
Integrated Social Studies and Art curricula to create integrated learning experience
Coordinated fund raising, prepared and supervised student government trips to Washington D.C. in 1994 and 1995 to study government and communication among different national and international demographics
SD #21 Box Elder Public Schools - 1993 to 1995
Ability to collaborate imaginatively with key stakeholders and teams by using integrated transformational leadership to promote strong community teams
As a long term educator, understand how to deliver a clear, strong message to a client using excellent presentation, teaching and training skills
Identified communication challenges within organizations and helped discern creative solutions to serve client’s adaption to a modern, global climate
Detail oriented to create a finished professional product using exceptional written & verbal communication skills
Driven to quickly learn and master new skills
Gonzaga Classes
Organizational Leadership 504 - Organizational Communications - communication audit, verbal and non-verbal communication in organizations
Adviser from Spring '11 to Fall '12
Anthropology, San Diego State University (San Diego, CA); Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
Professor Dave Givens
givens@gonzaga.edu, Department number: (509) 313-6645
Dr. John Tomkowiak
jtomkowi@zagmail.gonzaga.edu, Cell: 847-693-6023
COML 518 - Transformational Leadership – learning what it is to be a leader and to become an effective and affective leader by teaching others to become leaders.
B.S. in Psychology from University of Illinois; M.D., Southern Illinois University; Currently serves as Associate Dean for Medical Affairs.
I have the ability to listen to clients and help them discern what they need to meet their business goals. Helping clients represent their unique story for successful and positive public reception is rewarding. Having the opportunity to collaborate artistically with other professionals to portray that successful message to the public is a prospect I relish.
Elevator Pitch
Communication is more than the sum of its parts. It is listening to the practical short-term goals a client says out loud and the long-term goals they truly hope to achieve. It is the ability to convey ideas to others and get employees excited about the upcoming changes. As an effective communicator and transformational leader, I have the skills and drive to improve the public image of organizations.
Defining My Success
Dr. Cher Desautel, Ph.D., APR cherd@desautelhege.com, Work Phone 509-444-2350
COML 511 – Communication, Consultation & Training
Partner of Desautel Hege Communications, manages the day-to-day operations of the agency, leading local, regional and national accounts where she takes a results-driven approach built on a foundation of experience, focus, energy and an in-depth understanding of solid and effective strategies.
COML 511 – Communication, Consultation & Training – understanding and applying the basics, principles, skills, and ethics involved in communication, consultation and training issues in today’s organizational cultures.
President and CEO of Desautel Hege Communications, the largest public relations and marketing firm in the region, her dissertation area is the creation and day to day management of high performing organizations.
Sara . Johnston, M.A- saraj@desautelhege.com
Work Phone 509-444-2350
Educate adult education students about communication opportunities and how it may impact their business.
Educate students in utilizing computer coding to enhance their online gaming experience.
Enable students to improve their photographic and photo editing abilities through Photoshop.
Educate potential students in their English writing and grammar skills through Veterans Upward Bound.
Adjunct Professor - December 2015 to Current
Great Falls College - Montana State University
Using Fisher’s narrative paradigm, I examined how ministers use Bible based storytelling to interpret, define, and give form to the mission and missional activities within the Church.
Story, Ritual, and Religion in Changing Social Climates
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