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An Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

No description

Seth Hudson

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of An Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

An Introduction to Creative Nonfiction What is creative nonfiction?
Creative nonfiction is a term used to describe a style of nonfiction literature that emphasizes certain literary styles and techniques as a way to create a more vivid and engaging story.

It is still based upon facts,
but through the writer's use of word choice and sentence structure, the story reads in a way that is similar to fiction. Wait a minute.
Before we move on any further,
a question should be asked:

Do you remember
what the differences are
between fiction
and nonfiction writing? Nonfiction literature involves stories that are based in fact; they are accurate representations of reality. Fiction literature involves stories that have been invented by the imagination. Some of these literary elements, which you may strictly associate with fiction, might be emphasized by a writer who is composing a work of creative nonfiction: protagonist
dramatic irony
point of view
tone Here is a short video
that will help us understand
the term "creative nonfiction"
a litter better: The End
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