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Girondins, Jacobins & San-Culottes

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Ak J

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Girondins, Jacobins & San-Culottes

Girondins, Jacobins
& San-Culottes

Instead of political parties people joined political "clubs" if they agreed with an other's point of view.
To gain political power they would publish pamphlets and hold meetings.
The Girondists and the Jacobins were the two of the most important clubs during the revolution.

Who were the Girondins?

The Girondins were part of the Jacobins but then later separated
The Girondins were a more moderate thinking group.
Jacques Pierre Brissot, Jean-Marie Roland and his wife Marie Roland were strong supporters of the Girondin club.
Meetings would take place in Madame Roland's salon.
The Girondins are known for their opposite thinking from the Jacobins.
The Girondins wanted to engage in war to bring the nation together and gain political power.
They supported the idea of having a war against Austria
Girondists loved the king although they wished for a few changes
What happened? Why? What were they known for?
When and Where
During the Reign of Terror was also the fall of the Girondins in June 1994.
Most of them were executed by the guillotine.
Charlotte Corday (a Girondist) was responsible for Marat's death.
Significance to European history and Influence
The Girondists didn't make much of an influence to European history.
The Jacobins
The Jacobins were known for their radical thinking.
They wanted immediate execution of Louis XVI
They believed that King Louis XVI had committed treason by engaging powers with foreign countries
The Reign of Terror was a time when the Jacobins executed who ever were against them.
It was also a time of rivalry between the Jacobins and the Girondins .

What happened? Why? What were they known for?
The Girondins
What happened? Why? What were they known for?
When and Where
The san-culottes invaded the Tuileries on August 10
On August 9th the san-culottes illegally took over the Paris government.
They were also included in the September massacres of 1994
Significance to European history and Influence
The san-culottes were symbols of patriotism, passion and idealism in the French revolution.

Maximillien Robespierre
Robespierre was part of the Estates-General, Constituent Assembly and the Jacobin Club.
He was called "The Incorruptible" and
dicatateur sanguinaire
(bloodthirsty dictator)
Robespierre wished for liberty and spoke up for the third estate.
He declared himself "
ni monarchiste ni républicain
(neither monarchist nor republican) at the Jacobin Club.
Significance to European history and Influence
The Jacobins showed the importance of citizens.
They said that the first goal of society was the right to live.
The Reign of Terror lasted from 1993 to 1994.
The Jacobin Club officially closed on 27-28th of July 1794
The Jacobins gained much power by spring of 1793
After the March to Versailles the Jacobin club moved to Paris.
Door to the Jacobin Club located in Paris
Who are the Jacobins?
The Jacobins were a radical thinking group.
The Jacobins were led by Robespierre, Danton, Desmoulins and Marat.
The club originally began in Brittany but then later on moves to the Estates-General.
Many people of the bourgeoise class were members of the club.
Anyone could join the club, including foreigners
The Jacobins did not want to engage in war.
When and Where?

Events that occurred during the revolution involving the Jacobins
San-culottes: San means "without" and culottes are the type of knee-length breeches the upper classes would wear.
Who were the San-culottes?
The san-culottes were a radical group of people from the third estate who represented Paris's working poor.
They were neither too poor nor too rich but they were below the bourgeoise class.
They were common people who were often tradesmen, shop owners, artisans or factory workers.
Jacobin leader Jean-Paul Marat vigorously defended the san-culottes and their ideas.
Marat acted as if he was leader for the san-culottes
They despised the upper class fashion and instead wore jean-like trousers or skirts.
Fashions of the san-culottes
They spoke out against the new government.
The san-culottes invaded the Tuileries and killed 600-800 of the kings Swiss Gaurds.
They supported the Reign of Terror and like the Jacobins supported the revolution.
The san-culottes were big supporters of the Jacobin group "Mountains".
The Mountains included Rosespierre, Danton and Marat.
The reason they were called this was because the took the highest seats in the National Convention.
Events that occurred during the revolution involving the san-culottes
September massacres
We shall support the war but we shall not kill the king!
Events that occurred during the revolution involving the Girondists
The Jacobins are
going too far!
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They ended up at the guilitonne so what good could they be?
Team Jacobin
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