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Korean War

history project

Brianna Gant

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Korean War

The Korean War The Forgotten War
June 1950- July 1953 between WWII and Vietnam War So it began North Korea invades South Korean the 25 of June 1950 no one expected war 1953- armistice was signed by China, US, and North Korea South Korea refused to sign. Truman sent troops to help South Korea after North Korea invaded. 2,000.000 Kkoreans, 600,000 Chinese, 37,000 Americans, and 3,000 other UN forces all lost their lives. In 1950, an amphibious invasion at Inchon hurt North Koreaa's armies. Korean War veterans' memorial in Washington D.C. End of war close when China and USSR helped North Korea drive out the UN negotiations were tried in mid-1951 for early truce, but it took two full years no peace treaty signed Douglas MacArthur was fired by Truman for wanting to drop nuclear weapons on Chinese supply lines Douglas MacArthur led troops in Korean War from 1950-1951 many think that the Korean war has no point marks beinning of Cold War National Campaign to End the Korean war still goes on today as Veterans and other people want to sign treaty to have peace North Korea was comunist and south korea was anti-communist The Battle of Pork Chop Hill--
fought while negotiating armistice
movie named after it
infantry battle over lost-cause land
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