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How to create a great Memorandum

Where prezi excels - Review formatting- Check your overview - Memo Uses-

t todd

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of How to create a great Memorandum

Formatting Format Creation Presentation tips on writing memos Memorandums are usually referred to as memos Prelude Memo Info Where memos are used study formatting engaging visual to understand and create memorable short
message same
business same organization one person to another Top Margin Side Margins Bottom Margin by juggernautco@flickr by alexdecarvalho Employee to employee Memo get help with
Memo Writing Overview Overview to Understand Headings Spacing SUBJECT:Tab Memo topic
Body-Message of the memo
Typist initials FROM:Tab Author’s name
(DS) think memo Typist Initials If someone other than the writer keys the memo, typist initials should be included Typist initials are keyed in lower case with no space and no punctuation xx Memo info Special Parts If someone other than the writer of the memo keys the memo, typist initials should be included If you have an attachment or enclosure notation, double space after typing typist initials and type “Enclosure” or “Attachment. Something is included with the memo

Supporting document is attached by a paper clip, staple, etc. If someone in addition to who the memo is originally written will be receiving a copy of the memo, include a copy “c” notation ENCLOSURE, yes, it's
memo info 2 inches Margins Left 1 INCH Side Margins Left and Right Right 1 inch An inch One inch 1" Bottom 1 inch Bottom Margin 1 inch! REMEMBER! Memo Example Font Block Style Spacing standard font style
standard font size12 point font
i.e. Times New Roman/Arial
12 point font memo memo memo memo memo memo memo memo memo memo memo memo What? You need both: Headings Formatting TO:(Reader’s name)
FROM:(Author’s name)
DATE:(Complete and current date)
SUBJECT:(What the memo is about) ALL CAPS bold Memorandum double spaced Guide Words?Headings TO:
SUBJECT: bold capital letters If someone other than the writer of the memo keys the memo Memo
Overview Guide Words Memo
Spacing Memo Writing Memo
Formatting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Formatiing How to create a great
Memorandum by T Todd
ndms Memo Margin info DATE:Tab Current date
(DS) a copy “c” notation All parts of the memo begin at the left margin, including paragraphs in the same business or organization Create memos in the same business or organization follow up meetings to ensure understand or discuss ideas so i think we can use a memo, for communication in business scenarios... ideas might come from a whiteboard... or during a brainstorming... All Memorandums 1 inch you can involve others to collect material for your memorandun Memos looks like this using line space to format a memo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iteration "Iteration means the act of repeating a process usually with the aim of approaching a desired goal or target or result" followed by a colon Left ATTACHMENT, TO:Tab Tab Receiver’s name
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