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Scientific Method

No description

Edith Lucia Lopez

on 9 August 2018

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Transcript of Scientific Method

Scientific Method
4. Experiment
Design your experiment
5. Analyze Results
Steps 1, 2, 3
Steps 4,5,6,7
Group Work
1. Observe
Imagine you come across this little one
Coming up next...
1.Make an observation about a specific aspect or situation in your life.

What do you need to do?
Design your own experiment and fill out the format (same we used in class)
6. Draw Conclusions
Hypothesis Supported
2. Make an Inference
An inference is an EXPLANATION-->not yet a hypothesis.
Team Activity
-Read Scientific Paper
-Identify all steps of the scientific method on the format provided.

What would you do first?
a. Observe and write notes?
b. Start experimenting?
What would you do next?
and you notice...it has no eyes
It does not have eyes because...it does not need them.
3.Transform your inference into a
What are the characteristics
of a hypothesis?
Record Data (get results)
Expected with Actual
Go to next step
Change hypothesis and test again
7. Compare with existing
Experiment Again!
1. Observe
2. Make an inference
3. Transform into a HYPOTHESIS
4. Experiment
5. Analyze results
6. Draw conclusions
7. Compare with existing research
---Why is it important to follow the procedure
-(PER TEAM) Write 2 paragraphs
---What are the important features that must be followed while writing an official scientific article (format, language, etc. )
What is a paragraph?
Design your own experiment
for example...
2.Design an experiment following all the steps of the scientific method.
In groups of 3
Prepare a presentation
Maximum amount of slides 5
3 Teams will be randomly picked
Presentation must not last more than 5 minutes there will be 2 minutes for questions from the class.
All presentations must be uploaded in a Discussion Forum in Blackboard
What did you learn?
Why is it important?
Control Group
Experimental group
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