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Final major project

8 week presentation of Final Major Project

Aleksander Sandvik

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Final major project

Project we all know about the music "The Blues" but is the blues the same to everyone? In my project I wanted to take a step away from the music, and have a look at what "the blues" feeling means to everyone, the blues as a form of music do not appeal to everyone, but we all have the blues from time to time.

so what is the blues to everyone? This is what i want to address in my final major project.
Firstly during my research I defined what the feeilng "blues" whas, then I got the Idea to make a Facebook group and ask them what they did when they have the blues, the response was immense, I got replies from all around the globe, and people was extremely open with me. What is the blues? Everyone has the blues from time to time, one of the greatest blues musicians in all of time,

the blues is when a person is in a sad/depresses/melancholy state of mind. in other words,

having the blues is one thing, playing the blues is a whole other thing. We all have the blues from time to time, but we do not all play the blues, what does the rest do? outcome My idea is to make a series of 12 posters depicting the 12 most common was of having the blues, the reason i choose 12 posters is that the most used blues rhythm is the 12-bar blues.

This way I will have a link to the music, I also want to make the posters simple, but still rough, since the original blues music was a way to let your feeling be shown, without any glorification, just the raw purity of it all.

I found that everyone had some form for the blues at one time or another, but everyone had a different way to coping with it.

The bottom line was that it was always a way to escape reality, and focus the negative energy on something else, be it making music, crying, dancing etc. But it is still important to make the design so that it will appeal to people, after all, if the blues did not appeal to the people, it would not have survived and become what it has become.

Finally I want to place the posters in the different situations they are depicting and take photos of them, I will use a Diana camera, and this way i will capture the dreamlike escape from reality the blues is all about. The Final outcome will be 12 posters all depicting 12 different ways of having the blues, and 12 photos accompanying the posters, thus underlining the situation and playing on the escaping reality Aleksander Sandvik
Student No. 09019244
Graphic Design
Final Major Project
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