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The 13 Colonies: Delaware

DELAWARE, my colony. The Epic T.rex

Josh M

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of The 13 Colonies: Delaware

Founder and When Founded The founder of Delaware was named Peter Minuit, and he founded it in 1638. He was Puritan, of course, so lots of Puritan colonists lived in Delaware. Economy Delaware got the nickname "breadbasket" because of how many crops it grew, And as you would think, Delaware became RICH. YAYYAYAYAYAY Fun facts Did you know that toys were rare and expensive? 0_o 0_o o 0
________ ^ ^ ________________ ___ ___ \ /
\ /
\___0__/ ^ ^ / ------^-^ ^ \ ^^^^^^ < <> ------- ^^^^ / ------ / / / ------- ^^^^ ^^^ < < < Delaware was originally a part of Pennsylvania! \ / -- o / \ Delaware FIGHT! DING DING! Delaware was originally conquered by the Dutch, then conquered by the British, and that's why it was part of the 13 colonies. #1 Delaware was the first colony to become a state, and the date and flag are shown here: / \ < > ______ ______ -- _______ __ ----- / \ 1# _ _ _ < _ _ Facts Delaware is a Middle Colony, and it's religion is Puritan, and they wanted good resources and wanted to get away from the England Church. Fun facts Fun facts . . FOUNDED: DELAWARE Josh Mehrer DING DING! FIGHT! George Washington crossed the Delaware river, (in Delaware) Also known as "Crossing the Delaware." Delaware was claimed by Lord Baltimore as part of Maryland; it next became the property of the Duke of York, was sold by him to William Penn, and after the Revolutionary War, the people who settled there became the owners. (PART II) Daily Life and Occupations Among all the jobs in Delaware, farming peaches was one of the most common. Merchants and ship builders were nice too, but farming was best because it rarely got cold in Delaware.

DAILY LIFE--------------------------------------------
> Daily Life MEN Men usually were the ones who farmed, hunted, fished, chopped wood, and building fences or other useful tools. Boys helped the men. _________ > CHILDREN Girls helped the women. Women did the "indoor" work, such as cleaning the house, (sometimes milking the cows or gathering the eggs) sowing, and preparing the food the males brought in. _____ > WOMEN Important Cities The important cities in Delaware include: Wilmington; the largest city, and Dover; the capital.
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