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No description

Imran Aurangzeb

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Resume

Imran Aurangzeb, MD, FCCP
Curriculum Vitae
Regional Director, Moore Grant, Sepsis initiative, Sutter Sacramento Sierra Region, California, Oct 2010 to May 2012
Regional Director, Moore Grant Funded initiative to implement ICU mobility bundle and inter-professional team development.
Founding partner
Medical Training
Management and Clinical Excellence (MCE)
Sutter Health

A program geared towards learning to implement test of change by using PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) model. Participants are required to choose, design and complete a project based on the PDSA cycle. Participants are also exposed to national leaders and speakers in the healthcare sector

Leader Lab, Sutter health

Leadership training and coaching for physicians. Participants are encouraged to develop and implement leadership agenda.
Thank you!
MD Lead, Grant Implementation Team
Dignity Health
Create the stage for innovation and collaboration between departments and leverage data to carve future directions.

Coalesce creativity and catalyze discovery by aligning incongruent priorities. Perform tests of change and rapid cycle PDSAs without superfluous meetings and committees.

Empower high performing teams to lead with little or no political leverage. Create a non-hierarchical culture of shared leadership and common goals.

Set a stage for a nimble and innovative culture. Plan to extricate and sustain as measure of success.
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